Dementia - how best to keep, build and maintain family connections through denial.

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My father (85) experiences dementia, and memory loss and his girlfriend shelters him while his daughter and grandchildren living out of state accept as truth and ignore his state of dementia in which he penalizes my efforts to get him legal medical or mental supports in place by alienating and casting me and his closest friend of 30 years away who recommended the same. Perhaps it's typical for myself his son (married and with children) and even his best friend to be accused of sleeping with and trying to sleep with his girlfriend so as to neutralize and push away those who care that tell him what he may not want to hear. For me it's a foreign experience like no other I've ever experienced. Having told others that he has lots of money he is ripe for abuse. I wonder how as his son I and my family can truly help him and be a part of his life if he's sheltered and kept away through his own, his girlfriend's, or others efforts.

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