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I woke up this morning to see that two chairs were missing from the dining room. Checked the living room. Nope. Peeked in my mother's bedroom. Not there. Oh, where have the two chairs gone? I have a feeling they found their way back to the "mystery room," where things disappear, never to be seen again.


I know it's really not funny, feels like you wake up in a new world at someone else's house!!!! Ruth could do magic on things too..... I felt like I was on a perpetual 'Easter egg hunt'......found the sugar bowl in the toilet tank once! Never in a million years would I have thought to look there, but the toilet wasn't flushing right.... taaa daaa..... how she got that lid up and quietly, I'll never know.....

Once, she was having one of her "pace until she drops' nights....she finally landed on the floor.... she never hurt herself when she fell, can only shake my head on that one..... but thought, why not change her pants while she is down and still..... I found a banana and two table knives in her pants !!!!!!! How she did that only God knows because I thought I was watching her pace..... we had laughs for days on here about that one.....!!!!
So good luck finding the chairs....please let us know how something that big can just disappear....... if we couldn't laugh, we'd all be in the 'mystery room'... lots of hugs and chocolate Jessie
(snort) there went my coffee!! LOL!

Ever think that it is actually US that reside in the mystery room, and they are the sane ones?

They're like little raccoon's. Constantly whisking things away to their own private stash.

Maybe Ruth was thinking of making lunch for Jesse's mom and needed those two chairs for them to sit on? 2 chairs, knifes and a banana = mystery room lunch!
somebody took the medallion coin out of ednas sippy cup . damnt , that was our secret stash place . oh well . i took her a piece of resteraunt strawberry pie today so that should be todays highlight . id like to have had one too but too pricey for me . im thawing chicken livers . lol
Found a drink coaster in my moms sock...and always putting cookies In her pockets, or whatever she doesn't finish from her meal...I always check her pockets at night!
When Coy developed dementia I realized that reaching up into the bedside lamp shade to turn the switch was too much for him and I bought a cord to plug the lamp into that put the switch easily within reach. He kept taking it apart and removing the cord. That took several steps and getting down on his hands and knees. I was surprised he could do it and totally perplexed about why.

The third time he removed it I asked him, "Coy, I thought you liked that new cord with a switch on it."
Coy: Yes. It is great. I don't have to reach up to turn on the lamp!
Me: Why are you unplugging it and taking it off the lamp?
Coy: You said you bought it, right?
Me: Yes.
Coy: Well, if we own it I'm not going to leave it here when we check out!

See? It made perfect sense in the context of his delusion we were in a hotel.

I'll bet there is a very logical reason for carrying table knives in you pants, or removing chairs from a room if you just accept the delusion those dear folks are in!
I found one of the chairs. The other is still a mystery. How could something that big disappear? It's probably hiding somewhere is plain sight, piled up with things camouflaging it to look like the rest of the household clutter. Maybe when I find it, I'll find the missing advanced directives.
Oh, Coy. What a treasure he was. :)
The night I found the knives and banana, Ruth was 'leaving', so yes, it made sense, but still had a Kodak moment look on my face when I found them.... lol
The other evening Cujo lost her glasses... AGAIN... so onward for the search.... was checking all her usual stash places...... Kleenex boxes are one of her favs.... she was following me around 'helping'... I found out later, she had them in her hand.... after I would check a Kleenex box she would put them in there!!! Take it out before I looked again.. you know how we do.... look in the same place 12oo times...... anyway when I found them, she told me.
they had been there all along... SHE knew where they were...
Sometime during the night the lampshade in mom's room vanished... It appeared in the bathroom cupboard. Guess the shade had to pee and forgot the way back?

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