The hospital discharged my Mom too soon.

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She broke her hip Friday, had surgery to put a pin in it Saturday, and was discharged today, Thursday. The case manager said if I had wanted her to go to rehab afterward, I should have said so the day after her surgery. How the heck was I supposed to know she would be unable to walk 4 days later? I am so angry. Now, not only did they discharge her, but her surgeon neglected to write a script for any pain medication for her. She had a shot of morphine this morning, for heavens sakes! Tonight, if she wakes up in pain, the plan is to take her to the ER. I don't know what else to do at this point. My son and I had to carry her to the bathroom, she is unable to walk and won't try to support her weight. I'm just super angry. When her surgeon failed to call me back I asked her family doctor if she could give a script for one or two pain pills to get her through the night. Nope. One day I hope that surgeon finds out what it feels like to be in pain and have no way to get relief. The dirtwad.

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I don't really need an answer.... It just feels good to rant. :0)

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