Hospice cost; how can people afford that?

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I was shocked that Medicare did not cover the cost of the room. $400 a day. How can people afford that?


In my experience, Hospice was free. The facility a person uses while under Hospice is not. Often they are home. IF they are in a NH, or ALF, whatever, they still have to pay the cost of the facility.
$400 a day? Yikes! What kind of facility was this?
Jeanne, nursing homes in the Northeast typically cost 12k or so a month, at least. That's 400$ per day.
Same here, Barb. My Mom's long-term-care was $12k per month.

A hospice house. We are unable to bring him home because we also have our 94 year old mother in law with us and she is not handling this well.
My mom was admitted to the hospital as an emergency and transferred to the hospice on another floor for 6 days until her passing (in NY). Medicare did cover it this so maybe it depends on where.
In my case, where my husband was the patient, they accepted the full amount of his Social Security check, which was sent directly to the nursing home. They accepted it "Medicaid Pending," meaning that if the Social Security check did not go to them, they would use his Social Security. I think they also used his S.S. until Medicaid did kick in. I used this method because a nurse on our hospice team had done that for her mother. The nursing home staff showed me how to do it. Since my income was a little higher than my husband's, i was able to manage. Those were difficult days. Best wishes to you.
I was so angry at nursing homes failures when Mom was in for rehab stints and the audacity to charge these prices when they let people lie there with soiled briefs getting bedsores and feeding them hot dogs in what were rated 5 star facilities by Medicare, that I took my Mom home for 7 months on hospice. The hospice part is paid by
Medicare but the room is not. The nursing home system in this country is broken. One can tell something is wrong when you would be better off booking a cruise ship cabin with a nurse to care for you.
My Mum was moved to a hospice facility and Medicare covered it. Our healthcare system is broken!
Hospice Care is not the same as nursing home care. And it also depends on if the hospice unit is located inside a hospital. If it is located inside a hospital, then Medicare parts A and B would cover the cost. But if it is a private facility, then regular Insurance rules don't apply. Private facilities are not obligated to accept any type of insurance. They can be strictly private pay.

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