Horrible Christmas.

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We were supposed to be moving up to Vancouver, WA. Our house was in escrow down here, we had bought another house up there. Then the deals started falling apart at the last minute. Literally days before we were supposed to leave. Mom was in high stress (we all were). Our agent down here in day had one visit, 11 emails, 33 texts and a phone call, all of which were highly emotional for all of us. Finally, on the 23rd, we cancelled both deals with lots of tears and regret. Had a fairly nice 24th, and on the 25th, our agent tried to revive the deal and Mom ended up in the hospital with a TIA. Don't know if it's related or not, but I could strangle him anyway. She was released yesterday, and I told our agent, "No more - leave it be". We put the listing on hold for now. We need a break.


You are in a stressful place! Christmas can be wonderful, but sometimes (in our situations) we could skip it and be better off.
sometimes when i try something and it doesnt fall into place i ease back and consider that maybe it wasnt working out for a yet unseen reason .
i recently considered obtaining MPOA for my aunt but it turned out to be a complicated and lengthy process . i aborted the idea then realized that the last thing my aunt needs in her present state of confusion is family conflict .
sounds like you have a pretty halfassed realtor tho .
Cap is right on the nose with this one. Don't force the issue. If things don't fall into place, there's a reason for it. It's taken me a *long* time and many disappointments to learn this - the disappointment comes when I try to force something to happen and things don't fall into place, and I get upset when it all falls apart.
eguillot, oh my gosh, I fully understand what you are going through.... I was a licensed Realtor for decades and every once in a great while we would have a deal fall though when the buyer at the zero hour couldn't get a loan. All the logistics down the drain. Whenever that happened we would convince ourselves that something better will be on the horizon, and it was.

You are doing the right thing, taking a break. Wait until the dust settles and try again.
I think we've all come to accept that we've lost the deal, and we're ok with that now. It was the stress leading up to it that was the problem - not knowing from day to day if we were going to close on time or at all that was the problem. And Cap was right on with our realtor, too. This guy is a close at any cost guy - he sees his dollar signs at the end, and he wants to cash in. He really ticks me off. I've screamed at him more than once that Mom is sick and he's not helping her. Mom signed a contract with him and I don't know if we can get out of it and still sell the house this year with someone else. I don't think so.
The contracts are normally for a finate amount of time. like 3 or 6 months, then you can get out. Take a look, you may get lucky.. Good luck ahead!
eguillot, look at the Listing Agreement, there should be a paragraph that says what happens if you decide not to use that Realtor/Company. Most companies will usually let you cancel the Agreement with 24 hours notice.

The Holidays are stressful enough, then add in a sick mom, gosh now I know why real estate hits a dead zone in December. HOPE YOU HAVE A BETTER NEW YEAR.
Sorry to hear this eguillot. I have had a house purchase fall through twice and there is regret but also some relief. I hope you have some relief at least. You are missing the bad weather right now so at least there is that. Good luck with whatever you decide.
annetx - There is relief that the stress is over, but there was so much sadness that we didn't get this house. And there is the knowledge that at some point, we're going to have to start this process all over again unless we intend to stay here, which would mean I don't see my family or have time alone with my husband.

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