Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing well!


Don't ask couldnt get into this site for months?


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sorry to hear your mum is now in a home BUT sorry for her im not sorry for you as i know the strain you were under and think now you will have some respite from her demanding phonecalls!!
What a great guy G is! where can i find a man like him???????

My cat is here on my lap giving me the "eyeball" as i should be "stroking him" not typing!!!! you gotta love them!

Im just beginning to wonder if ill ever have a life again? mum went to paris to my sisters for 10days in may and it was scary just how happy i was? sounds awful but it reminded me of just how much stress she is as much as i love her my days of caring for her fulltime or coming to an end soon i hope, shes becoming more and more demanding and i have said some terrible things to her recently lucky she dosnt always remember! I dont feel like a daughter anymore i dont even feel like a carer i feel like im being taken the "piss out of" bigtime. They should change "dementia" to "manipulation disease".
Last few months she has bounced 4 cheques and even left us hungry as no money for food for 2days i had to borrow off my brother which killed me to have to ask him because usuallly i wouldnt ask him for the time of day!

"this too shall pass". oh good god i hope so!

my god captain im hurt!! how could you not remember me im only offline a few months? Im worried now as i think you may be getting forgetful LOL oh dear captain think your short term is starting to go?

Glad youre doing ok!

has been a while. dont remember much about you kazaa but would like to say that when your caregiving eventually comes to an end youre not going to fall off the edge of the earth. every bit of your energy will be focused on putting your life back together and door wont just open -- youll kick doors in and announce your arrival . i understand how desperately strung you are right now . trust me on this one. my mother passed last aug and im so rewired im caring for an aunt with confidence and experience on my side , working like a borrowed mule , and still knocking down major side projects as quickly as i can get them staged and readied ..

Glad you are hanging in there. We just emptied mother's aptmnt and put everything in storage. She is in geriatric psychiatric hospital (since Feb) and they will find her a new facility with a mental health mandate when they get around to it. Then we will have to set her up again and get rid of what furniture etc. is left over. That will be 4 moves in 5 yrs Too much. G is extremely helpful or I don't know what I would do. She doesn't want anyone to know where she is and wants no contact - my dream of a lifetime!!! lol

Mother has been diagnosed with vascular dementia along with the BPD and paranoia. It does seem to progress slowly at the beginning anyway. I suppose it depends on treatment and whatever brought it on in the first place.

I don't know how many of us manage to keep it together. I had three crazy paranoid phone calls every day during the winter and they nearly did me in. Stress levels will go down now that the moving is done - till the next time.

Happy you are back - take care ((((((hugs)))))

Hope your health is holding up..

Hi emjo gosh i wish!! no still here looking after "mother dear". I dont know what happened just couldnt get into the site? although someone was hacking into my emails so ive had to change my email account now.

How are you? hows your mum doing? any news im sure ive lots to catch up on!! mums getting worse she can just about walk but nothing major with her memory for now but then this horrible disease is so subtle we never know whats going to happen. i think vascular is slower to progress then just speeds up?

Im hoping things are going to change for me soon! my accident case should come up soon but for now same old "groundhog days".

dont know how im lasting without cracking up but i just have to hope things pick up you cant be miserable forever!!

Hi kazzaa -How are you doing? Missed you. Great to see you back. Have you set up that restaurant yet. (((((hugs))))

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