Home health bathing aides.....More like home h**l.

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As I sit here, I am again enjoying the "efforts" of the one home health bathing person whom I have repeatedly informed our nurse is not a good fit and please do not send her anymore...It is to no avail. Her constant chatter, her annoying chatter, her innappropriate chatter about all of her other "clients" and especially the men whom she is more than happy to inform me of their sexual advances towards her is, to me, unpleasant and not something I want to hear. And the bonus is that she is the stoutest one of them all and yet she is the only one who always insists that I help her....As much as I need a break this is not a break. I was worked up before she even got here just knowing how many times I have asked that this person not be sent and yet here she is .....thinking I will be dropping the bathing assistance altogether rather than put up with this crap. Does this happen to anyone else?


Contact the supervisor of the company that employs this person. From what you have said she is very inappropriate to talk about other clients.I can't believe the nurse you reported this to hasn't done anything so go over her head to her boss.I don't know if you have ever heard of HYPPA, but this company can get into big trouble if they have an employee that is talking about other patients in front of other clients and patients. This behavior should not be tolerated and will go on as long as you tolerate it.Make sure you have a copy of what the job description is of a home health aide is since this person wants you to "help" her with her job. Good luck!
OK...just want to add this information to the above....the aid has just left. While she was here today, I started getting very light headed and nauseous. I suspect I may be on the verge of diabetes having put on some extra weight through all of this over the past couple of years....anyway, she asked me was I allright, I told her I was dizzy at which point she went ahead with her standard mo, rolled the bed out from the wall and motioned for me to get over there and help her with Mama. I was leaning against the bed and she was still doodling with whatever she was doing and I told her I was going to sit down til she needed me. she started asking "Do you not have someone who can come in here and help you???" I told her, I guess I thought that is what I was doing with home health assistance. She told me "Look, you need to do this, that, blah blah blah...I informed her I have already done addressed that with my family and no one is going to step up. She continued telling me what i ought to be doing, then motioned for me to keep helping her. I finally just reached my limit and said, do you have folks who help you all day? (I have to do this 24/7 and no one is here helping me and she is stouter than I am).....she informed me, "Look, if I have someone who is hard to move or lift like her, and you can't or wont' help me, then I am out of here"......I was livid, but I did not feel like getting into it with her and I decided I was going to address this with the agency and if no other option is available looks like I will be cancelling the bathing assistance...I don't need the stress or the aggravation...I may be crazy, but I find this kind of behavior totally unacceptable from a health care worker who knows this is what the job entails...
texarkana ... thank you...at least I feel validated in feeling the way I do....after her informing me that if I won't help her she is out of here...right there I should have told her hit the door then.
And I am like you, and I have even said as much to our nurse...that I cannot believe as many times as I have requested this person not come to our home, this is apparently the one person we are going to get....I have had it. I think I am going to call the company and find out who supervises these folks and calmly let them know my feelings....I think it is insane this will be at least the sixth time I have addressed this issue and it is now making me wonder whether it could be time to change agencies.
bottom feeders of the health care industry. one of our hospice aids was ignorant enough to spend her allocated time at our house playing on her cell . i found out later on that she was addicted to ridiculous internet gaming. being an elder advocate means to ADVOCATE . dont take any crab from the agency or its substandard employees.
no wonder my sons dont come around me, ill flat lock horns with foolishness. t'za way its gotta be..
I agree captain. I have let the agency know that I will not tolerate this woman in our home again. period. The more I thought of it today the angrier I got that I even half way tolerated it today....It was all occurring in front of my Mom so I didn't want a bunch of confusion for her sake, but I will not allow her back. They assured me she would not return...I could have told them that already ;)
YIKES get your sugar checked ASAP. Holy smokes why didn't you tell her you were high sugar! She could have called 911 if you asked!!! When you buckle like that your body is trying to tell you to slow down. You are one overdone cookie!!! Get another agency if you can, but they are all short-staffed. Most of all, take care of youself first!!
Oh she knew I was feeling bad, didn't matter, as long as I got on the other side of that bed and lifted Mama...like she said, if folks won't help her "she's out of there"....she won't be back...trust me :)
Oh Hope...I hope you are feeling better by now. What you experience is so much of what I go through every day and that is being told what to do by our Aide among other things. Many not all Im sure, have the attitude that since you are there in the home, they are doing you a favor by doing any work. Its horrible. Im happy that you stood up to her and she left. I hope she doesnt return. When you are already stressed the last thing you need in your home is someone who is uncooperative and all around bad seed.
I constantly am on the receiving end of "If someone doesnt do this or if someone does that Im not coming back.." You dont know how often I hear this on a daily or weekly basis. Its a manipulative ploy. Our Aide knows that my father thinks the world of her...so if I speak out against her actions that is her solution is to state what she is not going to do or that she will not come back. She usually targets me and my children because she feels as if I should be doing her job. Even though I have a full time 40 hr per week job of my own. Since I work from home, it doesnt count in her eyes.

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