I am home from hospital and very thankful.

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I was much to close to the 30%, the Doc said about 5 minutes. Ummm SCARY!Yes we are making changes. I also found out that I am diabetic and my sugars were way out of safety zone. I guess the nightly ice cream treat is the first to go....no second. I've been off the cigs for 6 days so far.

Let ME be YOUR wake-up call, as well as my own! I have plenty more to say, but am sooooo tired. Be back later.

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU for the well wishes, prayers and private messages.
Love you guys.


Glad you're back. Take it easy for a while. New habits to replace the old...sigh.
Boni, glad you weren't one of 30%'ers. We all would have been totally upset with you. I bet you are tired, a heart attack can really knock the wind out of you. Whew!! It will take time to get back to *normal* or a new *normal*.
OH my! Yah, the cigarettes are a vasoconstrictor, so is caffeine. And the headaches from withdrawal are no fun either. So you will have nitro patches for a while (hubby still wears one daily). He went to deer camp one year and forgot his and so did the other guys. I reminded them that gunpowder has nitro in it, to just open a cartridge and put a small pinch under the tongue if one of them had chest pain. They had plenty of cartridges with them. LOL.
my doc gets onto me about tobacco . she said if im concerned about running out of bad habits i should take up popcorn and watching movies . its like she read my mind and picked the two things i have the absolute LEAST use for ..
my opinion ; caregiving alone is enough to blow your heart . it gets dam rough . im still a year after moms death beginning to understand some of the various emotional combinations i experienced . family carers should be compensated for lost wages considering the hundreds of thou they save the government . 8 bil a year is saved in the uk alone just on alz patients . in the usa the govt doesnt help carers they use aps to hurl unwarranted threats instead ..
Care for the caregivers, what a novel idea. Let us all take three deep cleansing breaths. :)
Boni- Im sorry I didn't write sooner, keeping you in my thoughts and so happy to hear your doing ok! Im sorry your health is at a low, but everyday you will improve, just relax( try) good luck and Id get rid of the ice cream last too! What about the non sugar Ice creams or Sherbets? Hugs
aps blows . they contacted my cuz ( the woman who wouldnt take edna to doc because she didnt want assets lost to medicade ) and told her they just didnt trust me . i must be up to something . i spent a year having a lot of fun with edna . we went 4 wheelin , mushroom hunting on a 2 man gator , i took her breakfast every morning for half a year and dispensed her daily meds , took her to doc appts , etc . now shes in nh and i have visitation " priveleges " . what a freakin joke . edna has some canadian quarters and two gold dollars . i gave her the gold dollars . jeez , aps must have never heard of payback in combination with a caregiver losing his care recipient . id sometimes like to backhand " wendy " right out of her jeans but as educated as she is , i suspect thats what shes trying to arrange . lol .. let a pissed off fella have a little fantasy fun , would ya ?
when edna cut my hair and trimmed my toenails 50 yrs ago i dont remember it being a privilege .. so when i swipe apples from nh apple tree and cook em up for edna , the staff knows im just protesting in the most harmless way i know . ( short of backhanding wendy right out of her jeans ) . this aint over wendy ... he he
some fun memories were created tho . edna had about 4 visitors one day . it was an evaluation for home care at IL . they liked me pretty well , most of em still do . i was able to answer all the questions that edna wasnt able to . then edna piped up and told em we was goin mushroom huntin . lol . 10 eyeballs shifted directly to me . ( lets see ya explain this one fuzzy face ) . i copped us a gator b*tches .. ( 2 person atv )
i experimented with a task thats usually dominated by females . i love females but i love screwing with their heads even moreso ..
caregiving is the most a person can ever give of themselves . the ones who do it with a a sense of humor are the pro's . i mean no offense to those who need to vent here . thats a must too sometimes .. being a good advocate doesnt mean argueing with the doc , imo . being a good advocate means being an extension of the doc . nh still communicates with me quite extensively . im gonna take their whole fn apple tree when edna passes away ..
chop chop , dig dig ..
Boni! So good to hear from you again. I was fretting for you, wanting to know if the stint was in and you had made it through everything. Now you're making me wonder if my ice cream treats need to go.
My dad has diabetes, he can still have some sweets! Its all about moderation. They should get you a nutritionist (sp) and she / he will get you set up! Glad your home..

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