Why home care is essential for elders.

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For the following reason we choose home care for our elders:
Cost Effective:Home health care, however, is far more cost effective than hospitals and other methods of post-acute and long-term care.
Home Health Care providers: Many home health providers have disease management programs to help patients rehabilitate or manage their chronic illnesses.
Mobile Medical Technology:This makes in home care much more cost effective for hospitals and doctors.
Patient Benefits:Patients, especially the elderly, are able to keep some of their independence while still having assistance for tasks that may be difficult due to surgery, illness or aging.


I absolutely agree on this one. Elderly's biggest fear is having to move out of their home and start somewhere new. They have bad memories or misconceptions about NH, AL, etc. Most fear being with other "old people or infirmed". Living in their home is comfortable and familiar and lets them feel some sense of control and independence. I'm 55 and think our generation will be more open to senior living and AL arrangements at least I hope so as these facilities continue to advance and improve.

I have an 89 year old mother who NEEDS HOME AID to help with meals, light housekeeping, running errands. She has dementia and early ALZ but she refuses any suggestion of care. She is 90% of the time out of it; but when I try to get doctors involved or get into the discussion; she rallys and says she can take care of herself and if I hire someone she won't let them in. We have discussed many times and she is distrustful of all outsiders -- that they will steal from her. I wish that as part of elder care -- that an elder get an mental evaluation along with a home visit after a certain age no matter their state of health so that they get a better feeling about home care as an option. Maybe as part of their annual physical after age 75 -- they sit in the doctors office and watch a "positive" video on health care options -- home care options so they get comfortable with the idea before its really needed. I hear a lot of stories of where we have to wait until something bad happens before we can force the issue. It seems like that is my option. I've been talking with my mother (when she was mentally strong and fit) for over 2 years including visiting some senior living and AL places near her and near me - just to let her (and I) know what was out there. She seemed open at the time; but as her health declined and dementia set in she is dead set against in home care or moving.
It is not easy but sometimes we just have to be the adult and do what is best for the heath and safety of our parents. Even if that means care outside of the home and should not be an issue to feel guilty about.
Hi Sunflo.......................
Thanks for your reply and sharing this information with us.
Hi Little
Thanks for replying and appreciate my post.
Depending on the health insurance is it true if a person is on medicare and a doctor writes a note saying this senior 91 years old has dementia need helps in her own home the insurence company will pay?
Bunky18, are you talking about long term care insurance, or health insurance?
sorry took so long to answer back Jeanne no just for a couple of days. if the medicare doesn't pay full will they help to pay for some of it. she has medicare complete with aarp. United health

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