Holiday season, and not so jolly for me!

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I am not looking forward to Thanksgiving Day when my sister makes one of her two or three visits a year (even though she lives 20 minutes from our folks), and brings her obligatory box of candy. It's unfortunate that the non-helping siblings are very much a part of the family. I am planning to schedule the Thanksgiving dinner early in the day, to frankly, get it over with. How are you folks planning to handle Thanksgiving day, and are you looking forward to it?


I hate Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's just mom and me (I'm single, never married). Talk about depressing! My mom doesn't ever want to come to my place, so I have to cart any kind of meal to her, which means more work. I have a brother in another state who hasn't visited for three years. Once my mom is gone, I'll go somewhere for at least one of those holidays, but now, I just wait for them to be done. And when I get out with friends, they're all talking about their kids and grandkids and parties. I feel like a Martian. So thanks, Whitney, for making me depressed already. LOL! :)
Family holidays are very stressful when family isn't a warm Norman Rockwell scene. I feel your pain, for different reasons, I have had your pain. May I suggest an early visit with family, using the excuse the elderly need to eat early, and if possible, visit a friend for the evening.

I have a good friend with a large home and beautiful family, she opens her home to singles and solos every year, for just about every holiday. You would be surprised how many people are divorced, divorcing, widowed, alone in town, or any other reason for feeling lonely on a holiday. A few years I old have proffered friends over family, I chose family, and it was the right decision for me.
I do believe there is a special place in heaven for my friend.

Perhaps you can make evening plans, for yourself ith friends. Or let sis sit with mom on Friday and book yourself a spa day.

Ugh I can't stop thinking about the holidays.. I have Thanksgiving at my house with my Mom, husband, 2 grown kids and husbands sister, husband and son. Not 1 of my siblings calls to invite Mom over.

On Christmas I have the same family over for dinner but for the last 12 years since my Mom's been with me I've invited all siblings and their families over later for desserts/cocktails. Well not this year if they can't call or visit mom during the year, then I'm not going to make it easy for them to see her on Christmas. I'm going to tell them if they want to have Christmas at their house then "have at it". I guess Mom won't see them then!!!

The last time 3 of them saw her was in August because I had a graduation party for my daughter. Since then no phone calls to Mom' nothing!!!
I saw a funny holiday card. A shopper at a liquor store. Display had a large bottle of booze labeled family size, the shopper was carrying a HUGE bottle labeled "dysfunctional family size"

I have had really depressing holidays, believe me I am no pollyanna. In spite of loosing my dad and favorite uncle last year, I will enjoy these holidays. My stress levels are down, I am healthy and employed and in a loving relationship. There are some things in my life I wish otherwise, but I will focus on my blessings and give thanks.

Peace Joy and Love to all.


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