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I just saw on a hiring site that a family is looking for a live in elderly caregiver for a 70 year old couple (companion care, cleaning, cooking, shopping, errands etc), for 24/7 live in, working over 50 hours per week for between $100.00-$200.00 per week!!!! Are people for real????


That might be the norm for a country that still has a caste-system. My best friend's elderly in-laws are doing something like that in India. They don't charge the caregiver any rent, so whatever money that person makes they can pocket. To some this is pure gold to them.
This is a recent inquiry in Florida, USA, lol
Where minimum wage laws apply...
perhaps they are looking for someone whom is recently over from one of the islands? That is a LOW wage for such hard work... but there are many in Florida who would probably do it just to have a place to live and a few dollars to send to their family back home. Or perhaps someone who doesn't have a work permit?

hehe, If I could find a full time carer for that amount, shoot.... I'd do it!!

Must be what they are hoping for I guess...that equals out to be 4.00 an hour if a person works 50 hours a week at their maximum pay per week, and they want 7 days per week. No thanks, lol

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