After my mother's current ALF facility recommended as an only option that she be moved into their memory care unit which wasn't being ran to our expectations, nor fit the criteria of care my mom needs, I enlisted the help of a local geriatric care manager to guide us through to finding better care for mom. She has exceeded all expectations in so many ways with suggestions to help make her life easier, as well as recommending a beautiful residential care home she has known the owners of for 20 years, and we are moving mom this weekend to a small group (6 beds) home setting (one of only two in the area highly recommended) with home cooking, and much more attention given to her. I found the care manager on the Internet specific to our area, and she has made this process and decision so much easier as I didn't know where to begin and was so worried she would be hospitalized after multiple and continuing falls in the ALF. No one had ever mentioned such services to me, I found it quite randomly while search for help, so thought I would suggest to others this invaluable service available.

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If you are looking for a professional geriatric care manager, you can search specific areas at

Geriatric care managers are also an excellent idea to consult when there are family squabbles. My family became absolutely unreasonable and calculating. I finally petitioned the court for appointment of a guardian and conservator which was granted. Now no more family power strugglers, the power is with impartial third parties that only have my mother's best interest at heart. I had been suggesting this to my family for a year and a half prior to the petition.

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