Looking for suggestions to help with toileting.

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Once I can finally get the man I take care in the right position to sit on the toilet, he does not bend his legs to sit, can anyone suggest ways to help him to do this? Thank you


He needs to be high up. Then he will sit. The sixteen inch "lift" or top that fits on the toilet is ideal for an elderly gent or lady. Rising up is the difficult part, so a handle-bar holder which fits around the toilet is also a good idea. Check with a med supply store and ask about these assisted devices. Medicare may or may not pay.
p.s. I found a fabulous lift chair at Compass Healthcare. It's a velvet or designer-style fabric Barcalounger or recliner...$850.00 with a $250.00 motor inside for lifting. Medicare will pay for the motor , but not the difference for the chair itself.....$600.00 is the patient's cost.
There is a heavy duty potty chair (commode) that raises quite high and does have hand rails. Medicare paid for it all. You could always place an additional lift seat on top if necessary. Allegro Medical has an Uplift Commode Assist that maybe just what you need.
Thank you so much for the suggestions! I will definitely look into this.
I think they have a riser seat for the toilet at walmart. That will get the seat up higher so he doesn't have to bend hardly at all to get to the seat... I am pretty sure they have them at walmart, but if not, they would surely have them at any medical supply store!!
Might also check your area for medical equipment bank--we have one in the Puget Sound area, that stockpiles used medical equipment, and lets it out to those in need, for free, to those who are poor, or for a small donation, for those who can afford anything--person gets to choose.
They ask that people using their services, please return --cleaned-- equipment once done with it, and, to spread the word, so they can keep stocked with needed items
--they recently moved into a church basement, but they had started out in a rental storage unit.

Not a clue how common this is, but it sure is a great idea---we needed some stuff when hospicing Mom's DH, and were able to get them free to use.
He will need a raised toilet seat....what works for me is.........after he is positioned.......i stoop in front of him and hold both hand sepetately and talk to him.
We must sit down together......Mr. so and so Let us sit togethet.....gentle pressure...as you suggest that you and him should sit......that works for me, i am ssure thtat there are many other suggestions that you may try....I suggest you try them all until you find the one that works well with him
Thank you
Thank you I am going to try this tomorrow. I work at an adult day care and this man has very unique challenges with his Parkinson's. I have found that taking him to a larger bathroom helps, it is very challenging to get him to let go of his walker so that I can have him grasp the bars by the toilet and turn him in order to sit. Once I get him to do that, I have to get him to sit, when he won't always bend his knees. I am going to use the raised toilet seat which they have at our facility as well as stooping in front of him, that should work better then pulling on his gait belt, that just seems to make him stiffen up. I do talk slowly to him, and try to be patient in waiting for his responses. I almost cried when he asked me if he was taking too long. He can answer questions, but seldom initiates the conversation. All these suggestions have been great - my goal is to not be throwing too many verbal commands at him because he gets overwhelmed and his body does not seem to be able to coordinate these requests. He is such a sweet man and always says thank you when I help him or give him things.

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