Help with my Mom who has given up.

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My 61 year old mother is a severe type 2 diabetic on top of a long list of problems like broken hip and ankle, me and my father have been trying to help her for years, she won't take care of herself like checking sugar and taking insulin and just sleeps all day no matter what we try to do. It's like she doesn't care. We have tried tough love as well as understanding. I am at the point of depression and not caring anymore. If she doesn't care why should we. I love my mother but I need some insight from someone who has been through this.


Has she been seen by a psychiatrist? The very first thing you have to rule out is depression.
We just lost my handicapped sister last November, the dr put her on prozac.
Prozac alone may not be enough, or she may need a higher dose, or meds AND talk therapy. If it's her regular doctor who is prescibing, I would urge you to find a psychiatrist who specializes in psychopharmacology. She may need to be admitted to a behavioral unit to stabilize her medications.

I am so sorry for the loss of your sister. While your mother may be paralyzed by grief at this time, because of her diabetes, this could have terrible consequences for her physical health if her sugar levels are not stabilized soon. Please let us know how things are going.
My mother gave up. She had been diagnosed with cancer and the cancer had been cut out. She was cancer free and after she got home from rehab she took to her bed and refused to get up. She'd get up once a day, around 7pm, to drink an Ensure and she'd use the bathroom but that's it. I tried begging, pleading, tough love, being sensitive, name it, I tried it. I would be there around 7pm every night when she'd get up and try to talk to her but none of it did any good. And I couldn't exactly throw her over my shoulder and make her get out of bed. So I waited.....I knew she'd fall on one of her trips to the bathroom and sure enough she did. I pretended that I couldn't get her up and called 911. They took her to the ER and she was admitted because her electrolytes were a mess. She died in the hospital not long after.

If someone doesn't want to do something it's very difficult to get them to do it. At one point I even yelled at my mother, trying to shock her into reality. It didn't do any good. She gave up, she wanted to die, so she did.
We have yelled and have tried to do it the nice way but she still doesn't care. Her sugar is out of control. She never checks it unless I go do it for her. I am to the point of tears and borderline depression. I have a 4 month old and a 6 year old on top of this. I give up
Chrissy, you need to take care of yourself and those babies. Forget mom for right now and get yourself to your doc tomorrow. You sound like you have a raging case of postpartum depression. If the doc suggests hospitalization for you, say yes. I was in your shoes 30 years ago. Hospital saved my life.

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