My Mother has dementia, my family and I take turns caring for her in my home and her home. We need help, to pay for adult day care.

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Unfortunately, we all have jobs and can't always work our schedules to allow for someone to be with her all the time. Someone has to miss work or we have to find a, "baby sitter". We have looked into a nursing home but don't want to do that yet. Is there a government program to help pay for daycare, when we can't do it? Or when I need a break?

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Are you familiar with PACE? It's not available in all areas, but it may be very beneficial to your mother. You can google "PACE" (program of all-inclusive care of the elderly) for more information. Basically it's a program to keep the elderly in their own homes, but provides day care, medical treatment, transportation, etc. I believe it is covered by both Medicaid and Medicare enrollees. I briefly looked into it for my mother, but unfortunately she need more care than PACE could provide. Wish I known about it a few years ago. Definitely check into it though. Best of luck of you. :)

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