Headstone humor.

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Life is short and death inevitable so I was surprised to see on a headstone. She was all a wife and mother ought to have been.

Ought, OUGHT? I would have come back and haunted till all eternity whoever had the bright idea of putting that on my headstone.

I am going to be cremated so no headstone for me but I did think that if I were to have one it would be something like.

Here rests the phoenix who rose time and again from the ashes but fell to the cold heart of the state.

(Remember Im a Brit and I am not criticising US)

Or possibly the most likely one - I told you she would be the death of me

What would you have on your headstone?


Died driving over to her parent house to put their phone back on the hook
"Never saw a movie she wouldn't quote from. Wax on, Wax off"
" send lawyers guns and money --
the s*it has hit the fan " .
Here lies Pam, may she finally get a good nights sleep! Although I plan to be creamated as well, and hang out in my daughters closet... or where ever she sticks me..LOL Although I think she will put my ashes in the river I love!
"I told you I was sick"
"Gone to the big Mall in the sky"
"Shoe collection in the next two plots"
"Took her recipes with her because she never wrote them down"
Oh love these - isn't it great to share fabulous humour - and it takes me out of the humdrum. I think I would have a headstone with a metal xylophone on one side and a drum on the other and invite anyone to play them. I might not have been musical while alive .......
(So don't throw my paperback books!)
Maryanne is laid to rest
Safe at last on Abraham's breast
Which may be nuts for Maryanne
But is certainly rough on Abraham.
Dear Lord,
May reincarnation be a figment of a human's imagination
No way do I want to come back to this earth under any circumstances! I'd rather hang out on the clouds with you.
Wish you were here?

Come down and see me sometime?

OK ...when I said over my dead body...

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