The hazards of caregiving.

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I was cleaning a House of a client whom I caregive for and houseclean, and their dog (austraian sheppard) bit me (very bad) 25 stitches later, what is anyone's opinion on this? Has anyone ever had this happen. The client is paying for everything, but what about lost wages?


Client should also be paying lost wages. File a workmen's comp case.
Also, they had information about the dog, that they did not disclose to me, about anxiety issues, behavioral issues, etc.
Hearsay from third parties is totally irrelevant and inadmissible. File your comp case.
I find it difficult to believe you had no suspicions this dog was aggressive. I work as an animal companion to some very aggressive animals and I can say positively that aggressive dogs make no secret of their tendencies to do you harm from the get go. Lost wages? are you / were you unable to work for any length of time? Certainly a painful experience but it put you out of work for a day or two at most? ( though not for the same client I hope!)
I've been bitten by horses that did more damage than that and I was back to work the next day.My pit bull ( a rescue) bite me to the bone when we first got him. I went to hospital daily for antibiotics and still worked.
If you did suspect this dog could hurt you why did you not ask the client to cage it while you were there?
Australian shepherds are naturally territorial.You must have seen the signs. You made a bad choice staying on that job. You learned a hard lesson but I hardly think you are entitled to more than a couple of days pay plus medical expenses.
As a caregiver/housekeeper you need to the research before taking a job so as not to put your client in a possible financial situation they can not shoulder.As a caregiver you may be facing an aggressive client that bites and a human bite, a punch or a kick.As a housekeeper you come in contact with feces,urine and spittle.These jobs all carry hazards.Animals can be caged for the safety of visitors.Germs can not. Who will you blame you get staff disease or other?
DO YOUR RESEARCH before taking a job.

Correction: staph not staff sorry about that.
Wow, Olmaandme, good job at blaming the victim.

Livelifefull, are you self-employed, or employed by an agency? How many days of work did you miss? Is the client willing to compensate you for that? (If I had been bitten by a dog and required 2 stitches (let alone 25) it would take me a week to get over the trauma!)

You asked for opinions. Mine is that if the client pays your medical expenses and compensates you for your missed work, accept it, take a deep breath, and go back to the very valuable work you do. If you intend to keep working for this client, ask that the dog be caged during you time there. If this is all day 5 days a week maybe this is not practical, in which case find another client. Are you concerned about the time it might take to find another client?
Thank you for this scarce instructions. We are very made sensitive by this problem in daily life and on the struggle to manage.
lol jeanne .
" blame the victim " had formed on my lips slightly before reading your comment . animals are unpredictable at best and i despise people who subject you to the whim of their pets . ive packed up and left jobs over it .
Thanks for your blame the victim comment. Saves me the trouble. Keep good records and give them an itemized list of your time lost and expenses. Hopefully they will continue to do right by you. God bless!
wow olmaandme?? really?
I think that this question was for caregivers, people with compassion and a heart.
I did not ask to be ground in the mud with the pigs, I asked for legitimate advise.

Sorry "blame the victim" doesn't work for this and did I ask am I to blame? No, I asked for advice on this, not your completely negative attitude.

Read some about me, you will quickly take back your loose lips statement.

Thank you to all that support me.
I am doing ok. The dog owner has filed a claim, and really, with a dog bite, that now has turned infected, you want me in your house???? probably not.


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