We are having a good evening tonight. I am also learning to put myself in his shoes more. It is easy to get frustrated

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when you don't understand why those little things go wrong. But, when I put myself in his shoes, I wouldn't want to have someone doing Everything for me. Even though it might help. Just asking for help isn't really what he wants, he wants to do it himself. So, now, when I start to get frustrated, I just say ok and go ahead and do what needs to be done. I am sensitive to help him when he needs it. I am trying, sometimes I get frustrated. But, it helps to understand that each day is a gift and every trial is a learning experience with benefits. Cause, in the end, you have now been there and done that. I also know that someday, I will need someone to help me. What we sow, we reap. So, I am trying to understand and show grace.


Good for you, Fancicoffee7, good for you!
Awesome, Fanci!!!!! You rock!!
Thumbs up, Fanci.
id never take control away from the care reciever . if you see them really struggling with a task , ask if theyd like some help .
Fancicoffee7, I know how frustrating it can be... so what I am trying to do really hard is find a little bit of humor in the situation, I find it is helping me.

Like today, for the 100th time my Dad had said he wanted to throw his computer out, and like right on cue I said for my 100th time that his problem is because he is on dial-up and not on high speed internet. Next time he says he want to throw his computer out, I will ask if he wants me to open the front door :P
if dads pc is a source of entertainment for him get him a satellite HS connection . excede internet is only 60.80 a month . they hook you up the same day you call them . 10 gb limit but one can live with that if they dont watch too much streaming donkey porn ..
Captain, I've been trying to get Dad to order high speed internet for years now.... but he won't pay extra for something he always got for free back when computers were running on DOS and one had to pack a lunch before downloading anything :P

I mentioned to Dad that when he is using dial-up to get on the information highway everyone else is driving 200 mph and he's trying to merge using a tricycle.
Thanks for the lesson, Fanci! Your wisdom is an example to all of us who want to help, but don't want to take away someone's independence!!!!

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