I have no caregiver. I live alone.

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Would like to correspond with like seniors.


Go to your nearest Senior Center, they would love to SEE you. Too many predators online, it is best to be seen in person.
Really, a "pen pal" is a great idea, I would also enjoy a person to talk to online. I am not a predator, just a old lady trying to take care of my stubborn old Mom. Just be careful and dont give any secure info out, how could that be a bad thing?
onlyme feel free to private message any of the posters on the forum to see if they would like to correspond privately with you.
Wait a while and get to know the people here and see who you think might share your interests.
One has to be careful of people who are *catfish* which means they lure you to trusting them then start to ask for money and material things.

Recently on Dr. Phil, one 60+ year old woman thought she had met the man of her dreams [never actually met him, this was all via email], and over time she gave him over $1m [yes, one million dollars] thinking some day they will finally meet and get married. It was all a scam.
This is the best site to communicate with like-minded folk that I have found. I was on another 'help' group and the women were MEAN. I am so glad to have found this group.

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