Happy Thanksgiving Caregivers!

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Just wanted to wish all of you caregivers a Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you are having a great day. You have all kept me sane just knowing that Im not alone and everyone has such great advice to give.


My fervent prayer is there will be a silver lining and a good memory or two for those who are dreading the day more than usual...and a little more help than usual for those who usually don't get enough!
Happy Thanksgiving to all you wonderful caregivers...may you have peace of mind, a full tummy and rest!!
I had a turkey breast dinner with my elderly parents, just the three of us. Controversy and stress swirls around us, I am in the midst of a legal struggle over guardianship of my mom with a sibling. Our family relationships fall far short of functional. However, for those two hours of eating food mostly prepared by Whole Foods and sipping Chablis, dog begging at our feet, we were at peace and I was thankful to still have them in my life. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
this was my first ever time cooking turkey day meal, normally we go to relatives. It went great! Only the 5 of us (hubby, daughter and myself and parents) but it was a good meal a great time! Of course poor Dad was off schedule and went to bed at 6....
I wrote on a post earlier that I didn't want to go to Thanksgiving because I was too depressed for some unknown reason. I went to my parents' house yesterday and just got back home. The best part of the two days was the time spent 1:1 with my mom and my dad, talking quietly about things they remember from the past. Of course, I had to hear the same stories about 2 dozen times :) but I'm glad I went and thankful for the good times we can still have--may there be many more!
Hugs to all caregivers out there....with peace and good wishes to you!
Our Thanksgiving Day was very different this year. My husband is in a care facility and had a traditional turkey dinner there at noon. I brought him home for the afternoon and we, along with our 2 sons and spouses, had pumpkin pie and afternoon coffee. About 5:00 we returned to the care facility and I ate dinner with him there. It was very different from past years, but we spent time together
and everyone was happy.
After all the doom and gloom we read here, and sometimes live, I was glad to re read this post and see that some of us were able to enjoy the day for what it was.. a day for giving thanks. We may not always feel thankful for what life has handed us, but there are still good memories to be had! Love you all

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