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I want to wish everyone a happy new year ..we have had a busy year caregiving and dealing with member's family who,have passed away ..may our next year be full,of faith , hope and good things ,,, may our year be filled with love and happiness..thank,you all for,helping me this year and the past 2 years since my sister died ..it's been very hard and I still cry at night and miss her ..she was my best friend ...I'm still caregiving alone and will do,without my useless brother ,,I run appointment to,appointment for my parents and yes I,let my health be put on the back burner ..but mom and dad need me ,,,they do without nothing ,,I still work 12 to 15 hour shifts at the hospital as a Clinical Supervisor and love my job ,,.i love you all and appreciate you listening to me vent and my worries ,,, thank,you all and Happy New Year


Past 3 years since Geri died
I'm with you, ohmeowzer, with so many us going through so much, its always nice to be here among friends. I am so grateful for this site. Yes, I wish the same for all us to find some hope, happiness and peace in 2017. I know it will be tough, hopefully we'll all be able to carry on.
I am too believe me ..thank you all so much
Happy New Year and I too am grateful for the understanding and support I've found here, and hopeful for a better 2017.
To all the members of the Aging Care site, I wish you the best coming 2017 New Year.

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