Happy birthday Aunt Edna, lol.

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Aunt Edna claims she is over 200 yrs old but shes not sure how much older so she rounds up to 300 yrs old. god this is so much fun at times. who doesnt love the mentality and innocence of ( the equivalent of ) a 4 yr old girl? happy b - day honey..


God bless Aunt Ednas wherever they may be. I hope they all have little Bobbies too look after them.
i told her today that were going to wear this little truck out and have to get another one. she heartily laughed and said we can just rebuild this one. she likes maniac. maniac gets results.. he he
finally bought new wiper blades. told her its because i was tired of her b***hing about the worn out ones. again a hearty laugh. her QOL rocks for a 300 yr ols person.. the girl wants for nothing..
doc walked in the other day as i was ripping a hunk of foam out of her wheelchair cushion. he looked under the chair with a genuine amusement. i told him were customizing this cushion for hemorrhoid relief. he died laughing. then he asked about the beard beret again. i told him , doc, its become iconic. my truck avatar is kaiser bill11 with a beard clip. image, dude, image.. i love that man. hes pretty badassed for a 45 yr old man..
people, get the right attitude and caregiving will reward you until you end up with a guilty conscience for having more fun than a person realistically oughtta have.
oh my. i was given 3 different meds by the va yesterday for the hepc battle.upon arriving home the simeprevir wasnt to be found. i shagged a** to the va this am before sunrise to make sure it was issued. yes it was scanned and i left with it. wouldnt you know it was the med that costs 1 k per pill. sigh. i was told to speak with pharm at 8 am to see if they could help me. with time to spare i unassed the truck again and found them buried behind the bench seat. how horribly irresponsible -- but, they were found. 14 k for 14 capsules. heart stopping s**t iz what im saying.. all is good. im wired on ribavirinand here in a bit im going outside to fistfight a tree. mmmm- GRRRRR !! i love roudebush, indy va. when america reaches this level of professionality we'lkl see the cost reductioin that begins with effeciency in medicine that yobama proclaimed. its going to happen. go banjo lip, im your biggest fan. i love a visionary whos 45 yrs ahead of his time.. this man is all of that..( gwb, please rot in place from your own closedmindedness..)
ok, time for three more ribavirin tabs. anyone wanna fistfight?
No, gosh I'm too old, at 62, I could fall and break the floor.
Happy Birthday Edna!!

Capt. I really can't follow your post but what little I can decipher is that you are paying a crap load for your new Rx and you like Obama, while Busch junior stinks?????
the va is providing the meds for me. i stuck a needle in my arm 4-5 times as a young soldier which might have caused the hepc but the army had its own share of risk factors too such as pressing bloody air injection guns against the shoulders of soldiers one after another with only alcohol as a disinfectant between injections. alcohol does not kill hepc . they also shaved the heads of young kids with the same set of electric clippers without disinfectant , drawing blood on nearly every soldiers head. over 11% of vietnam era vets carry hepc so without any admission of responsibility the va is paying for the treatments.
i do like obama and think hes quite the visionary. gwb was a horrible president and permitted the banks to rip the poor off for billions by allowing them to withold deposits and bleed people with nsf's and letting the banks take up to ten days to make an online bill payment essentially keeping everyone in the late pmt zone. his war in iraq was purely to benefit the arms industry and was all based on lies. obama / congress yanked the bankers in and told them the online bank payments can and would be made instantanious. when you pay a bill online now an email is shot to the creditor immediately to verify the payment has been made.
Thanks for the explanation. Sorry you have to go through this treatment, I hope it pays out in the end.
when you see an injustice in this nation you should always write to your representatives. ive actually saw senators on tv quoting something that id made them aware of. they dont know how we live unless we inform them. americas international image is ; when theres a problem the usa acts quickly and with extreme measures. the lend lease act of ww11 is a great example. just build arms to supply the allies and let the paperwork catch up later.
gwb was also into the prison for profit shame that we endured for years. prisoners were taken from their home states to private facilities several states away effectively removing them from their only hope of rehabilitation and support -- their families. indiana nearly had a prison burned to the ground over this issue. the inmates had every right to rebel imo..
obama and holder are in the process as we speak of fixing the mandatory sentencing laws that have put people in prison for up to life for a small handfull of crack cocaine. common sense is returning to the usa and its wonderful to witness.

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