I had to stop watching zombie movies.

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Not to be dis-respective, but I am going through this first hand with Mom....Now her ALZ has had a physical appearance that reminds me of the zombies in movies...It's very disturbing....I refuse to watch them as it it has a resemblance of the facial expressions on Mom. It is so SAD...


Hmmm, that's a first.

My mom is stage 6.... she looks nothing like a zombie, however, I will say
we cannot watch those type of shows anymore because she thinks they are real.

Oh I love my mom too.
Kind of a weird comparison, I know, but she does get that look sometimes, not all always.... I wish she could watch TV, I don't think she understands it.
Well sure my dad looks a lot different than before but not like a zombie, he though lost a lot of weight which makes it hard for me see, it’s just sad.
I think it's also called the thousand yard stare, like combat veterans get.

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