Had heart attack last night while posting here.

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I lived. Be back soon only have my iPhone. Need prayers for mom plz love you boni


Plz someone tell ladeem by email book maybe
YOU had a heart atttack? Oh, dear God. May our Lord hold you in the palm of his hand. Warmest wishes for a speedy recovery, Boni. Prayers comin' your way.
Best wishes to you dear lady!
On icu. Family scrambling to cover mom. 2 stints and pacemaker need prayed
((((Boni)))) Oh my .... I'm gonna cry :((( Please take great care of yourself... we need you here with us as well as mom. Prayers sweetie!

Check your wall...
Prayers for you Boni. Think beautiful thoughts and let them do their job well. Hugs as long as they don't budge the tubes, take care x
Can't j. Don't know hue on phone
Prayers for you and your mum.
Boni, I know folks with stents and pacemakers and they do just fine. Here's hoping you do too!

I know first-hand what it is like to try to manage a loved one's care from icu. Not Easy! Let go and let the family handle it. They won't do it perfectly but it will be adequate. You take care of you.
Hang in there Boni!

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