Guardianship will be filed in court today for both parents not looking forward to the emotional backlash.

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My health is in question now! I had to get another attorney involved to fight off the hostile attorney who tired to file for guardianship on my parents behave to cover up her mistakes of revoking me a DPOA when the legal document should have been enacted as they were both incompetent. My name is going to be on the document my parents receive in the nursing home. My dads sisters abandon him after they were made DPOA because is was to much trouble. The sisters could have signed the paperwork putting them in assisted living but they walked away not wanting anything further to do with, it's costing over 400.00 a day due to this to keep my parents in the nursing home.
I'm exhausted no job, insurance and I feel I'm not well but don't want to go to the doctor at this point. I was going to drive back up there but my depression, not sleeping, or eating well I just feel hopeless. I haven't spoken to my parents in several days which has cut back on the anxiety attacks. But I feel I need help now trying to pull myself out of this dark hole. I pray I don't hear from my father about the guardianship he will beat me up with that. I don't want guardian I'm handing it over to the attorney for their living arrangements in assisted and medical, I'm co conservator. I've paid out so much money on fees I can't deal with this any longer. I tried for years to get them to pay attention to what could happened that thought me foolish, but I never knew it could get this bad!


Zoolife as I've said before, you're taking positive steps to get control of the situation. Once you've got the legalities straightened out, you can get back to taking care of yourself. Can't you fly up instead of drive? It's such a long driving trip for you. Hugs to you as you get this finalized.
Agree with blannie: you've done the heavy lifting, take the time out you need so that you can deal with the fallout when you're feeling more up to it. It sounds as if you really need a small space just to relax, sleep, eat and get your balance back first. Breathe! xxx
Thanks blannie, and countrymouse, I thought about flying but I will have to rent a car while there could be expensive and last minute fares since I don't have a court date will be around 1500.00 just to fly plus car. Geez, so hotel, and price of gas would be affordable, in comparison, but it's the drive, I'll give it some thought. I want to try and get a massage today at the massage school, my back neck, shoulders are in pain. I looked at myself in the mirror the other day and thought how I've aged with all this I'm so tired. But I know you all feel the same thanks again for being here!
If you have to face the long road trip, can you add some fun to it? Get your favourite music together, break it down into stages, book at least one nice restaurant ahead, that kind of thing?

I look older than my mother. I promise myself it'll all fall back into place once I get my act together..! Enjoy that massage, have one for me while you're there x
Yes countrymouse I'm not going to push it going back there. Can't get massage till Wednesday, so I took a lavender bath really hot water, said lots of prayers, I feel amazingly more relaxed, less worry. I've been a regular ping pong ball bouncing between two paddles me or them. Today it's me, no expectations no disappointments, not dealing with either parent, or the worry I feel so much better.
It's 8:13 where am, had the last 3 days without speaking to family, was peaceful until I realize I DON'T HAVE A JOB, and there not that easy to come by these by. I'm feeling a bit concerned scared I haven't the life skills needed for act 2. I'm much older tired and still so much grief from family to the circumstances of my life. Really don't want to go through my retirement nest egg now. While my heads been so wrapped up in the parents dementia, family drama, I didn't have to deal with job loss, and the man in my life walking out on me Sorry to Whine but this SUX!
Zoolife, the guardianship process is one day at a time, and of course they will be more careful since you caught them being sneaky. Get a hotel with a hot tub and soak the tension OUT. Been there. Done that.
Zoolife, it is terrible what we go through and the worry it causes. What I hope for you is that you can get this guardianship thing wrapped up quickly so you can put your own life back in order. I'm still peeved at your company for letting you go. I don't think they realize what a major loss you were to them. Anyone that has your tenacity had to be a great employee.
WoW, JessieBelle, God love ya, thank you so much for recognizing I was valued at my place of employment for the operations position I held. I had stepped down to a position with less stress, it wasn't as challenging but I did the job. They didn't reduce my pay then the restructuring came with employment, I caught in the mix. The manage that fired me was unaware of my value in operations I was burned out. I woke up this morning first time in ages thinking about what direction I need to take for me. The anxiety wasn't nearly as bad, nor the guilt about taking care of me first. Going on day four, I'm pushing aside those thoughts of guilt and shame, I'm not a bad daughter I've not everything they allowed me to do and then some. I've been shocked at my fathers sisters, their selfishness and greed. I hadn't seen or spoken to them in maybe 42 years we are not a close family. Sorry to go on, thank you so much for your kindness JessieBelle !

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