My Aunt is in a Assisted living apt. because she was not doing well with her sister whom she lived with.

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We(family members)all live out of the state, so we reported her sister to the adult protective services. She was given a temp. Guardian. However we just got paperwork from her sisters attorney that she filed for guardianship on the 19th, it was mailed to us on the 20th, and the court date was the 22nd. WE wanted to be there to make sure her sister was not given guardianship. Is this legal to not give us sufficient notice. My Aunt keeps asking for a lawyer, but we don't know where to start as she is in Vegas and we are in other states.


This situation raises many questions in my mind. What is your mothers health condition? Why is the sister seeking guardianship? As family members what have you done to seek a solution if there is a need for a P.O.A or guardianship and care for your Mom? If you go to court, the main concern will be your Mom's health care plan and who's there to handle the bills "in her benefit". A court may have suggested this as a solution to a health care option that your Mom needs, if your Mom is unable to care for herself and needs a facility and your aunt is the only one stepping up to do so, why fight that,? if there is no other able person. If the guardianship is not in place and she hasn't the mental capacity (by law she was found incompetent ) to handle her own financial and health care issues if there isn't a guardian or P.O.A. the state takes control. She then becomes a ward of the state. In other words the state is her guardian.
What makes you think she wasnt doing well with her sister? If there was a problem, why not ask what all of you can do to help instead of turning her in?

I am sorry I was not very clear this is my 1st time here. My aunt was being abused by her sister. We turned her sister in because we could not contact her for over a week. We found her in a mental hospital where she had been transferred from a regular hosp. Her sister had not returned any of our calls so we were suspicious. The hospital told us our aunt could not walk and came in not knowing her name or date. She crawled to the bathroom and was frail. She told the hospital her sister refused to get glue for her dentures so she did not eat for 2 weeks. I am shocked that the sister would even try for guardianship.They were told she has no other family so 2 of us flew in and had her taken off of committment status at the mental hosp. She was moved to a hosp for physical therapy and was doing great. The state stepped in and we were satisfied. Hope this clears up some of your questions.
Thank you all for your help. I was just told by the State guardian that the Judge refused to give Guardianship to my aunts sister who by the way is only 3 years younger than my aunt. The guardian she has has been very good to my aunt. We are satisfied.
I am sorry I thought you were speaking about your Mom I understand it is your aunt now. I am glad things are in order for you all now.
I'm so sorry that she went through such a terrible ordeal and glad to hear that you were able to get the help your aunt was in need of. May all her days be much brighter now.

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