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My mother in law's finger always seems to be in her nose, I'm always having her wash her hands. I will not eat anything she touches. She loves to taste food when I'm cooking, I will not have it. She gets livid when I tell her to please stop picking her nose. She's so stubborn, I gave up telling her to change her pull up so I just left it up to her, she changes 2xs a day.


Hopefully you don't live with her or eat anything she cooks. It's sad that we have to draw that boundary, but hold your ground. Her family should be more involved with her care.
I agree that her family should be more involved in her care..
What is this picking nose thing that older people do? My father did it. My mother does it. I am forever saying, "Get your finger out of your nose." My mother's nose gets sore and bleeds occasionally because she irritates it so much. I don't think she realizes how much she does it. Then she eats the potato chips out of the bag. I have to keep my own private stash of snacks because I can't make myself eat after her.

When I ask my mother why she does it she says it is because her nose feel crusty. I personally think it's more about boredom. I sure hope I don't turn into a nose picker down the road. Alas it may be heavy in my genes.
Thank you all for your comments. I am my mother in law caregiver. I am lucky to have daughters and grand kids that come over to help so that I can go out once in a while. My husband is a big help when his not working, he works long hours.

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