The grinchiest Christmas plan.

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christmas is ok but being grinchy is ok too.
ill go first.
im staying home and baking some bread and i aint givin any to the clown renter upstairs. last time she shared my rolls with her bugeyed, mangy dogs.
if my son comes by im going to punch him in the face and blame it on tourettes syndrome or something.
my other son dont speak to me. i reclaimed my garage when i came home in aug after him filling it full of crap for 7 years. somebody either narced me out or he saw the bonfire plum up in chicaggy. lol
id punch him in the face too if he lived closer.


I'm applying NO THOUGHT whatsoever to presents. I just bought boxes of chocolates for everyone. They will never realize how cruel I'm being by buying something simple they may actually enjoy, instead of using thought and originality to select something "personal" that will somehow be all wrong! Not grinchy, maybe, but fiendishly clever.
I might punch my sister, but she's staying away.
im not really a killjoy , im just bettin some of our non - celebratory plans are comical if people choose to share them.
heres a funny one. a few years ago my kid and i were building a stone fireplace inside of a home. the homeowner guy asked if it was cool if he sat at the kitchen table and watched us all day. i am used to this and didnt mind at all . however i told him we couldnt deal with the background christmas jams he was playing. rom pa pom pom aint funny about the third time around. but i was nice about it and told him we had to communicate extensively and concentrate on the work. didnt tell him the crap was annoying.
I don't DO Christmas... I give all year long, every day to someone, somehow....I have a friend that is a fanatic about Christmas.... gets sooooo old.... so many pics of the 'elf on the shelf' on FB, sent her a picture of a 'ho in the drawer', it was a pic of a messed up Barbie with a bottle of Jack Daniels.... laying in a drawer....come to think about it... haven't heard from her in awhile..... hahaha...
those are my sentiments also ladee. show your concern every day as opposed to designated holidays. i visited my aunt in AL today and took her to the grocery. the ones who come at christmas time are to me a little farciful.
The only thing I put up for xmas is the Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story. I did help MIL with her Christmas cookies, because last year she burned half of them. There's too much ice up here in NY to hop on a Harley, but I can dream can't I ? My BIL shot a big buck, painted the nose red and told his kids he got Rudolph. They were hysterical and his wife wouldn't talk to him for about a week. My son prefers Festivus. My daughter is on chemo and goes in for bone marrow transplant Jan 2. So yeah, the holidays are more like Hellidays.
We, like a lot of you, have a big family rift. Mom is going to the sisters house (YAY),and I'll be with my 2 wonderful brothers, my 5 yr old nephew and some good friends. I'm stoked. A break from Momma, and a total dis to my deserving sister, by my brothers and I. Mom was upset for a few days, but she got over it. OH, and I don't have to cook!
pstiegman~Prayers for your daughter and you.

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