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I feel bad posting this while our friend boni is having a major health scare but ive been to VA today for my 90 day post treatment hepc viral load results . hepc virus undetectable just as i expected . doc expects existing fibrosis to start healing itself . ive never felt this good in my adult life but i bummed out today thinking ; whatcha gonna do with your new lease on life crap'n ? my god , youve accomplished two lifetimes of sh*t . then it hit me -- go plant your cherry tree and prune and shape the rest of your dwarfs you frigging idiot . musta been mom screwing with me again .. b*tch is relentless with someone elses energy ..


this is the first time ever that a disease has been completely erradicated , much less a viral disease . the implications for future diseases are nothing short of sci - fi .. keep an eye on gillead sciences out of calif . theyre taking on the stuff thats defying existing treatments ..
Congratulations on your good news! It is very good to hear of something positive here. Very happy for you. Go get 'em. Have some happy days.
Cap~this awesome news!!! I am so happy for you...go out and enjoy your life.!
Cap'n, that is truly wonderful news. I'm so glad for your good prognosis!
Yea, Capn! Not even a virus can take you down.
i had a VA nurse today as much as she dared , admit that the military created this virus while playing with hepatitis vaccines but she admitted that monetary reperation would run in the trillions of dollars . the VA is fixing it and thats good enough for me . its sure not been fun doing hard labor for 38 years thru the muscle burn of fatigue ..the american hepc epidemic began with a vaccine that mutated in the vietnam era . nam vets brought iv drug habits home and introduced it to the american public . lesser developed countries aquired the virus the same way -- cheap hepatitis vaccinations from the usa . i dont hold ill will , vaccinations save lives but sometimes things go wrong . if anyone here has upper right quadrant pain from liver inflammation , theres a free way to get hepc testing -- just donate blood .
Awhhh Bob, this is PHENOMENAL!! Hep C has been the "silent killer" for many years now. It's time to PUT it to rest and work on AD/Dementia. I watched a Youtube documentary from Cnn's Dr. Sanjay? Anyway in the Netherlands the Country pay's for elderly care... they had an entire Village made for them.... stores, restaurants, hair salons, outdoor parks... it was great. The USA needs to put more effort into those who helped carve our Country..

Yep, donate blood, free screening for everything. I received my results 20 plus years ago. (got it 30 some years ago) Not sure why but it has not harmed me like it did him. I also did 3 rounds of agonizing treatments, all lasting a year per. Imagine having the flu that long. People would be shocked at the vast numbers who do have Hep C. No shame...a long time ago they did not screen blood, so those who received transfusions or agencies who used needles multiple times... well... there ya go.

So d*mn happy for you El Captitano! Not to mention how proud of you I am.
" agonizing treatments "
thats the strongest understatement ive ever heard in my life . " torturous " might come closer . i went stark raving insane on infergen daily . offered to install a bullet in ednas neighbors a** if he didnt unjack her phone line . i was taken off treatment but the phone line was never jacked again ..
Infergen was my 2nd go round. Hmm... you do know that women can withstand more pain than men, right?

As long as it ends well bud.

Personally my last treatment of the "cocktail' kicked my butt more. I don't do pills... hated the Ribavarin
Congratulations!!!!! Awesome news!

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