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To all of my friends at, I would like to extend my gratitude! You have kept me sane during some of my darkest hours. You were encouraging and supportive and a resource like no other. My grandmother passed away suddenly on August 6 at 10:45pm. My mother and I were by her side when she passed. I feel blessed that I had the opportunity to learn about her and the mental illness that wreaked havoc on the lives of our family. To those of you who know me, the Lord has granted me patience with my mother and the ability to separate myself from her. I feel peace and joy for I know that in Heaven there is no anger and no mental disease. Thanks again to all of you. You kept me sane and I will continue to pray for you as you are not alone in this overwhelming task you have taken on. I know this may sound awful but you will understand like no other, I still cannot sleep for more than four hours straight, I look forward to a solid eight straight. God Bless you!


Hope you stick around for I have gotten some of the best advice from ones that no longer are caregiving.. God Bless you and hope you get your 8 hours of sleep soon..
I will and I am glad for the different perspective I now have. Prior to giving my life over to gma I was a nurse. Now, going back into the workforce I have more knowledge and compassion for the families in addition to my patients. This site is a blessing as you well know. I found the book Boundaries and it was life changing. Have a blessed day!
Baumgark: I am sending you love and the whitest light. You have walked through so many dark times. I also believe there is no anger or mental illness in heaven and that your Grandmother is free from her prison and torments.

It is now your time to recapture your life and I think you can do it with a clear conscience and sense of joy. Give yourself time to find your place. It takes time. There's no magic switch that gets flipped.

I am so wishing the best for you. You deserve every bit of happiness and peace. Love, Cattails
Cat--so beautifully worded! Such a supportive gift!
Indeed--it is in this existence we experience such troubles--and yet, such joys, too.
Once we chuck this body, it is only a state of Love.
Chi: You are so right. After we chuck this body, it is only a state of love. Well said my friend.

I watched a show today, featuring an amazing woman, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor. She wrote a book called, "My Stroke of Insight". She was a Harvard graduate and a neuroanatomist. Her brother suffered from schizophrenia and as a child she always wanted to understand how the brain worked so she went into this field to try to help those who suffered from a brain that did not function in those ways that the majority did. At age 37 she suffered a major left brain hemorrhagic stroke. She could not speak, walk, nor did she have any memory of who she had been. She did, however, have the use of her right brain, which is more intuitive and sees the big picture of experience, but can't do daily things, language, numbers, learning, etc, that the left brain controls.

In that state, left only to the right brain, she felt huge, life she was part of the universe. She marveled at the way she felt connected to everything around her. In her mind, there was no more chatter. No constant talking to self.

I think she experienced what our spiritual side feels and understands. It's inside us always, but the brain chatter drowns it out. We live so much by the sound of our left brain and for her this was cut off. As she said, she started a new life at 37 with no memory of the struggles from the past. None of the disappointments that all of us carry with us in our lives. The ego had been wiped out.

If this is of interest to you or anyone else on this thread, check out the book and see if it is something you might want to read. You can also look her up on line. There is video of some of her interviews.

Somehow, she recovered. She is not who she was and has no regrets. She is still brilliant and teaching, but what she has learned and now teaches is so different.

She would agree with your statement, Chi, but she would also say that how we thing determines our reality. It is the mind chatter that pulls us down. The past hurts that replay in our thoughts. As a result of her stoke, that ability to replay was lost and she was at total peace.

Fascinating stuff and so worth our consideration. Your post reminded me of this.

Love, Cat.
Thank you!

I am glad you found the support and resources you were looking for her at I am sorry to hear about your grandmother passing away. Your thoughts and prayers are here with is at If you need anything please let us know.

Wishing you the best,
Karie H. Team

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