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I am so grateful today. I don't think that people realize how hard it is to not be able to drive and be stuck at home all the time. I have had to rely on my sons and my real friends and trust me you really find out who they are in a hurry. My son gave up his entire day to take me to get my car smogged. In order for it to pass, we had to drive 100 miles on the new battery. I should say he drove those miles. Then he came with me to get the new tags at AAA. I am now able to go to the store when I need to and not depend on anyone else to drive. Of course as you all know I just cannot leave on a whim. Someone has to be here with Mom. But I have not had my car for almost 2 years. its amazing how we take it for granted that the car is just outside and you can get in it and drive. I do not know if there is a discussion of grateful out there but I just wanted to share some GOOD NEWS!


Glad you got your car back; it does make a difference. Just knowing the car is there, ready to go when you need it is a big thing!
Oh, boy, after a two year gap, this will be so dangerous for you. If you decide not to do this, I would feel safer.
I am such a careful driver and I am so aware of what is going on that I will be fine. If you do not live in California where I do, then you have nothing to worry about. lol
Good for you Fli!
Happy you've found some freedom!! Like you, I can't leave mom, but I can put her in the car and take her for short rides, and run into the store for something forgotten. She does not know how to get out of the seatbelt so I do not fear her wondering away. Besides, normally, if not too hot, the dogs are with her.

Ha! California driving is tricky... I remember a time long long ago, when we had just moved there, I had to drive wayyyyyyyyy away for insurance on our semi trucks.... it started getting dark (pre cell phone time) 6 lanes, and I was in the lane for compton...yes, I took it as i had no choice, cried like a baby locked the doors and kept on truckin!

good for you!

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