My grandmother thinks her caretaker is stealing from her.

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My grandmother lives in an elderly home. There is another elderly resident that works for the home and he's takes care of concerns, translation and also has keys to check every apts. My grandma thinks that he comes into his apt everyday to mess or steal her things such as money.

It's sad to think that my grandmother always worry about this and claims that someone is stealing from her. I want to comfort her and help her get over this so she can live happily without worrying about this. She is 85 years old.

Can someone provide me advise?


Don't discount her concern - it happens. When my mom was in IL the housekeeper assigned to my moms apartment was using her pass key to steal pain meds.
I see from your profile that your Grandmother had Alzheimer's/Dementia, and sometimes that can cause delusions and paranoia.... thus making a person think someone is stealing from them. I would let the management know that your Grandmother thinks someone is coming into her locked apartment and going through her things.... what do they suggest.

As you probably already know, some times elders will make up stories thinking that their love ones wouldn't want them living in an unsafe place, thus they will get to go back to their previous home. keep scrolling down to read the whole article, there will be ads between some of the paragraphs.

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