Grandma is being taken advantage of.

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She lives with my Uncle who has diabetes, dialyis 3 times a week and my Mom. My mom is the one who is over the bills and her medication. Recently I discovered she has been taking her pain pills and not paying the bills. She has turned my grandma against my Uncle and wants him kicked out. My mom is a recovering drug addict and is going downhill. My Grandma is getting dementia and is on aricept. My mom is also trying to convice her to take out another loan on the house and cash in one of her life insurance policies. Should I call adult protective services? What will they do ?


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I would definitely call adult protective services. This is a dangerous situation for your mom, and with drug abuse part of the mix, you won't be able to handle this yourself.
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Thank you I can't it's very hard to do but for the best especially for my Grandma.
I will call them and help my Uncle a place too

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