My grandma - my hero.


Today I have lost my Hero. Grandma you were and always will be the foundation of our family. You showed us to love and care for one another. YOUR obedience and dedication to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, really made us the people we are today. I am really going to miss most of all our conversation and your humor. YOUR kind words and always just knew what to say. You passed away Today Sept 6 2017 - and I can not sleep. It feels like a dream that I just want to awake. I know your in a Better place, anf youll never suffer anymore! However, you have left us. I wasnt ready for you to leave yet. We are born to live and make a choice in life - 2 roads, then we come to the end and we pass away, just to enter into eternity. What a ride you had grandma, just very grateful you were a part of my life and my 3 children.
Love you Grandma forever!

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How lucky you were to have each other in your lives. I know you and your family are heartbroken, but trust me, the grief will subside & your pain will be eased. We are never ready to say goodbye to the ones we love, but it sounds like your grandma left you with a lot of memories & a lot of love to hold onto. You were indeed blessed just as your grandmother knew she was! My prayers are with you.

What a lovely tribute to your grandmother, eddieb. I am sorry for your loss.
I hope that sweet memories of her give you comfort now through this difficult time.

Dear Eddie,

My deepest condolences and sympathies on the passing our cherished and beloved grandmother. I'm very sorry for your pain and sorrow. Thinking of you and your family during this difficult time.

What a lovely tribute to your grandmother and your children's great-grandmother. I'm so sorry for your loss. Wishing you and your family comfort.

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