Grandfather watches dirty movies loud.

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This is embarrassing...My 92 year old grandfather with who I reside with has some dirty movies that he watches in his room at night very loudly. The other day I had a friend over with her children and her daughter called us while we were picking up dinner saying that he was doing hanky panky in his room. I was so embarrassed. It was only 9pm! I don't know how to approach this with him without embarrassing him or upsetting him. We are going to be moving soon likely into a multi family house soon and I don't want the neighbors hearing the screaming women.


Grandfather needs to turn the volume down, and if he can't hear with it low, then wireless earphones are the answer. He might not like wearing them, but if it is a choice between wearing them of giving up his movies, which would he choose?
Don't be embarrassed! I am sure you are not the only one who has had a similar issue. -especially with the invention of Viagra. Head phones, definitely! Or no movies. Or , when you move, the , ummm, "movie box" could 'accidentally' fall off the moving truck. Just sayin-how's he gonna get more? ;0)
I was thinking the same exact thing but I think he orders them from the mail so he'd just order more. I might get him those headphones for watching TV in general...

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