Got on here to vent and now feel too ashamed to do it. Worn out, burned out and grossed out.

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Two and a half years now. Thought I was good at this stuff, but now finding I am on my last leg or so it seems. Two and a half years of little to NO emotional or other support, very few breaks of any kind and the ones I do get I have to do so much getting ready for them I am too tired to enjoy them when I do take them. ie....I have ONE person who is willing to sit with my Mother so I can on very very rare occasion just get out of the house...While a sweet enough person, and thankful for any help, this person comes prepared to plant herslef on the sofa never to move again...forgets to feed my Mother, unless I contstantly have to call her, I have to fix meals for HER before I leave the house, have to have the coffee made, forget asking her to change Mother's diapers and when I get home, I have to fix something for supper, so all in all the break is really not worth it to me...Mother has become totally bedfast now and since that time (three months ago) although she was totally dependent before that, but now daily problems with constipation...Enemas, suppositories, stool softners, laxatives, massage, repositioning ...NONE of them work...I have to almost daily literally go in and retrieve the poo. I have a fairly tough fortitude but these daily mining expeditions have left me feeling sick, upset, weary, you name it. My life is now feeding, bathing, changing, mining, feeding, bathing, changing, never never freaking ends....I don't want to see anyone, can't stand to hear the sound of most people's voices anymore, have no interest in anything anymore and have given up on trying to look decent...I am so totally and completely exhausted....Mother will turn 90 soon and I was going to plan a small party for just her siblings. Very quickly they began to take over and began turning it into a bring a dish and all of your extended family and come on and I put the brakes on immediately and now will be planning something very tiny for just her, myself and my brother and perhaps a couple other folks..that's it....Am I just a hateful "b" or are people just stupid...I will never be the same after this...


Does your mother have any funds, pension, etc, that can be used for in home care; or dare I ask, are there funds or public funds for placement? It really sounds to me as though your mother is passed the time when she can be handled by family, volunteers and regular folk. She needs professional nursing care; she needs carers who get breaks and respite. NO ONE CAN CARE FOR A BEDFAST PATIENT ALONE!!!!!!!!!! Your family clearly has no clue what you are dealing with. Can you invite them over and leave for a day or two?
I agree. When someone becomes bed bound it is time to place them in a NH. Caring for someone who can't get out of bed is nearly impossible as you are discovering. You know it's not going to get any better.

You can change and rebuild your life. You're not a b***h but most people aren't stupid, they're just unaware. No one knows what a caregiver goes through unless they've done it themselves. The lady who comes and plops herself down while you get out? She doesn't know any better. She thinks she's helping. Unless you've specifically and explicitly told her, "Please make my mother lunch and then change her, clean her all over very good, spread barrier crème all over her bottom and then redress her beginning with the Depends" she doesn't know what you need. That's one lesson I learned while caregiving. We have to be specific because people don't know 1.) that we need help and 2.) what kind of help to provide. Like with the party you mentioned. To other people it might sound like a nice thing to do but they don't know what we go through. No one knows that if one more thing is put onto our plate we are going to end up needing care ourselves. They're not stupid, just unaware.

Many facilities offer respite care for families. You need a break.
We are now on hospice care and I pretty much live to see those folks, but the other issue is something that unless I place her otherwise, I have to deal with. The nurse has done this as well, but the in between times it is on me. No, they don't have a clue and part of it is my fault for trying to be so cheerful but the cheerful has gone now and the relentless issue with the colonic situation is about to kill me. I don't know why it is getting to me so badly. I am not necessarily squeemish but I think it is the constant issue of having to do this. My Mother would not last long in a nursing home and I am still at that point where I can't live with it if I do it. I love her and I'm trying but this is the hardest, lonliest, saddest road I have ever walked in my life....
Thank you for taking the time to answer....
I spoke with our nurse today re the respite care. I have been reluctant as Mother requires that someone stand beside her and remain until she finishes her meals. She cannot feed herself, is easily choked, etc. and she will tell you she is not hungry when she is, in fact, very hungry...

The person who comes to "help" me does know what I deal with. She has seen it first hand...She is just not able to do it...physically or mentally. She can't even get her own cup of coffee...waits for me to get it for her...I feel like cancer is eating me alive at this point and feel completely hopeless. At this point I know I am my own worst enemy. And knowing it is never gong to get better, only worse, is not helping...pray for me please
God forgive me, but other than the hospice folks, everyone who comes in this house complains about how horrible their life is and how they need someone to perk them they come to see me...Good Lord, if I perk them up then they truly are in desperate shape....
Let that extended family know you could use some help. Don't turn them away again. They are ready and willing, just call them.
Hope22, have you really been willing to look at the question of why you can't live with yourself if your mother goes to an NH? Did you promise her some time in the past? What you are doing sounds superhuman and your suffering is constant. You can still advocate for your mother and be there for her when she is in the NH.
hope, what do the hospice nurses say about the constipation? Surely there must be a pill that will keep the poop running freely right? If they can put a man on the moon for heavens sake, they ought to be able to come up with a stinkin' pill for your mother. Get in the doctors face about this if the nurses can't/won't help. And let's face it, not everyone can handle someone who is bed bound etc. If you really want to feel free to get away for the day, I'm afraid you're going to have to pay for a caregiver that's experienced to come in and sit with your mom while you're gone.
Hope; I stopped reading when I read that you wrote "my mom wouldn't last long with NH care". Dear one, that is an assumption on your part, I don't know where it comes from, it was also a mantra from my childhood, vis a vis my gram. My gram died a horrible death (my opinion) from gangrene; my mom took "great' care of her til my little brother brought home the flu, pneumonia, which landed her in hospital; because pneumonia in elders is often asymptomtic til too late (more about that in a bit), she developed gangrene which they could'n't treat (this is 1976) etc, etc. My mom, post stroke and post hip surgery is in a NH. They picked up pneumonia early this winter; mom never coughed, never ran a fever. the nursing asst's said "she's just not herself". blood tests were run, elevated white cell count; they transfered to hsp and hey presto, it turned out she had pneumonia! Three days on IV antibiotics, she was back in NH, doing PT, OT and the whole kit. Truth to tell, I have to work; back inthe day, my dad was the man of the house, my mom stayed home to tend the children and my gram. But MY mother is getting FAR, FAR better care in a NH than gram ever got at home. that's my opinion. I'll add one other piece for those of you who are Bible readers. Again and again the Torah (I'm Jewish) teaches us "you shall not uncover the nakedness of your father/mother" While this is generally interpretted as being a prohibition of sexual relations, I take it more literally. I think it is an abomination for children to involve themselves in the private parts of their parents. I'm sure that some will argue with me, but that's how I feel. Been there, done it, not doing it again. My mom needs her dignity.
@, to the contrary, my Mom, all of her life, has told me to never put my life on hold because of her. I know for a fact that she would have NEVER wanted me to do what I am doing. On the other hand, this is a Mom who has been the most precious, loving, selfless and giving human on the face of the earth her entire life. She has endured things off of people and done so with grace and kindness beyond what I would ever be able to do. She is superhuman in my eyes and one of the rare ones in the world who I just simply do not want to put her in a nursing home. Mom asks nothing of me...period. It is not a guilt trip, nothing happened in my childhood to make me feel like I owed it to her...other than the fact that my Mom, in my eyes, is a saint to me.

I am tired, I cannot deny. I have days when I go to my room and have to get it out of my system and then pull myself together and start again..but I am doing it.

But the reason I commented re the Nursing Home...I am not bashing them in general....I know there are a lot that are really good. depends on the home, the area, the level of care, etc. blah blah blah...BUT, the times when Mom was there just for rehab, her health DID deteriorate...her mental health DID take a nosedive...I know it is not possible for everyone to be home with their parent or loved one...but I am here because I want to be and as long as God lets me breath I will be here...

I am just so frustrated with the whole issue of the physical issue she is having with, of all things, per one of the other comments...we can put a man on the for the laugh..but too is better....and so I carry on. I do appreciate everyone's input...I think I would be lost without this site.....God bless to all....

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