Got Mom to visit an Assisted Living facility! She loved it!

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Folks are in WV I'm in Mi. Just got back home after a week long visit. I checked out 3 AL places near them. Found a smaller one that is very well run and has sort of one big family feel to it. Mom agreed to go for a visit. Dad? Hell no! We don't need any help, everthing is fine! Yeah, right.......

Mom couldn't beleive such places existed. She remembers the horrible places they stuck people when she was a girl. She loved the idea of all her needs taken care of and never lifting a finger. This was the highlight of the trip but also:

Found the last gun, unloaded it and took the shells to the cops for disposal. Stuck it back in the closet cause Dad likes to check on it once in awhile.

Disconnected some scary wireing to an old post light Dad has been trying to fix.

Emptied vac. It's a stupid bag less thing with 2 filters and 2 compartments. Dad can still run the vac but emptying the damn thing is way beyond his abilities.

Trimmed trees hanging over driveway. You could hardly get your car in the drive.

Tracked down the sleezy manager of the place that sold Dad several annuities about 5 years ago. Threw my POA on his desk and threatened to close out the accounts unless he gave me updated info and withdrawal info. All set now if I have to us the funds for care.

Got info to change last 2 utility bills to my name.

Changed furnace filters and cleaned and fixed old sump pump in the basement. No matter what you ask Dad about, oh I just checked that the other day........NOT

Cleaned out scary stuff in fridge, did 8 loads of laundry, cleaned house, bought food, fixed mailbox, raked leaves,

Disabled 2 chainsaws, and stole some scary power tools Dad has no business trying to use.

Met friends for dinner and much needed strong drink..........

Don't want to seem like I'm bragging, but Am quite pleased with myself.

And before the lectures start, I talk to mom each day and Dad has not mentioned dead wiring or missing tools or unloaded gun. He may figure some of it out but will probably think he lost stuff or unloaded the gun and will forget about it by the next day.

So we're still in a holding pattern, they are as safe as I can make it and if Dads dementia or Moms health takes a dive, AL will have to happen. But I'm ready to launch when needed.


Wow, you must have been running in high gear, makes me tired just reading about it all.... It's terrific you were able to get so much accomplished!
Good for you
When can I expect you at my house and/or my father's house?

I have a list of chores that you'd love to do. I could even throw in some electrical work as a bonus since that's your occupation.

Seriously, great work - it's wonderful to feel that sense of accomplishment.
Windy, someone needs to come up with a new concept for Assisted Living for guys.... build it out of rolled logs, have deer heads in the lobby, a beer cooler in the snack room, the beds would be large cots or old fashioned air mattresses, the nurses and aides dressed in camouflage, bag of beef jerky in each room, the community bus would be a large Jeep Wrangler.... and the elder wives would just tag along to live there with their hubby. Bet that would change those "nos" into "maybes".
Don't forget the drive thru garden tractor shower and bathroom....
FF, I think you should copyright your idea and then present it to the better quality AL and IL facilities. Men would flock to these kinds of man caves.

Add big screen tvs, lots of them, so guys can watch sports all day long to their hearts' content.

Maybe the Donald can use his millions to put this kind of scheme into action - that would automatically garner millions of votes for him.
Great news! Happy to hear it went well and your mom is happy. Thank you for giving me hope.
Actually, when I was doing an internet search on retirement communities, assisted living , etc., I came across the cutest place in AZ...called "myfathersretirementranch" google looks so peaceful......:)
I would have moved into this place if it had a cocktail lounge. I got hugged by about 6 little ol ladies. One asked me how tall I was and another asked if I was married. There's a beauty salon in the joint and all the ladies had these blued hairdos that you could have bounced a silver dollar on. During lunch there was an old geezer string band with fiddles, dulcimers etc. No one was in tune, in the same key or even playing the same song but the folks just loved it. I was really needing that cocktail lounge after lunch.

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