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I can stand popup ads but the ones that stream video distract me till i cant concentrate on reading. this blocker seems to kill those , make your web page wider , and makes your page loading much snappier . its free but the author asks for donations . right .. ( sarc )


Hey, Captain, thanks for the link. I have the same issue with those ads that twill, jump, flash, run across the page. And how I hate chasing an ad that is going across the page trying to hit the "X" to get rid of it.

I can't get use to reading the newspaper on line because of the advertisements. Give me the old fashioned newspaper that is thrown in the driveway... the only thing I need to watch out for is a cat barreling into the paper while I am reading it :P
What if you got rid of Google chrome? I have non-chrome and no ads.
chrome blows but a person has to have some kind of browser . govt have advised us to get away from IE . im not very computer savvy . bluntman has to bail mine out all the time . i like the adblock if it aint a virus or trojan ..
I have zero ads or streaming video and I use google chrome. if i switch to IE i get a video on every page I visit. hate IE! There is also firefox which, for me, doesn't have pop ups or video ads. Just let's me browse at peace :)

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