Goodbye 2013, it has been an awful year. Only 2000 (when my granddaughter died) was worse. Looking forward to 2014.

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As we begin 2014 - May you have the resilience you need to face the task before you. May you rest well each night and awaken refreshed. May you see the love shining in the eyes of those who no longer remember your name. May you laugh more than you cry. May those who lack appreciation for all you do have their eyes opened and acknowledge their loved one in your care is getting the best care possible. May they be moved to action to assist and support. I wish all of you a bright and blessed New Year!


What beautiful wishes for the New Year! Ditto. Thanks for taking the time to post this. Happy New Year to all.
Keep the faith, and say a prayer for my daughter who will have a bone marrow transplant (stem cell) for AML on January 8th. Blessings to all and thanks in advance for your prayers.
Pstiegman, be assured of my prayers for both you and your daughter. From reading some of your posts I can tell you are a strong person. You will get her through this. God bless.
sonswife, Thank you for sending the best heartfelt wishes I have heard! May we all be blessed to enjoy those beautiful sentiments in 2014....

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