Got any good snappy come backs to questions/comments some people say?

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Years ago when I first started to be my parents "driver" because they stop driving I would whine every now and then to others. Of course, many who aren't doing that type of caregiving work would comment that my parents drove me around when I was a child, I should do the same for them. Then I realize those others didn't quite understand, and I didn't have a snappy or informative comeback.

Now I do. Whenever someone says that to me, I now say "yes, my parents did drive me around but both my parents were NOT in their 60's and 70's when I was a child, BIG difference". Then I get that ah ha moment that that person finally understood.

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ive had the opportunity on a couple of occasions to respond to snappy people with a brief squint and then looking away . in essence a big no - reply . its hard to do but you can just melt down a troublemaker with this approach .. it takes exactly 50 seconds for them to figure out that you dont really care what they think ..
i understand your frustration freq . instead of letting you have some distance from their need-iness , the parent would like to jump in a car with you where your seperated by a distance of 12 inches .. thats well into a persons personal space and in some cases could be considered emotional tresspass ..

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