I need good rehab places for my grandmother with Alzheimer's.

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We live in brown deer wisconsin. She is having trouble walking now and needs extensive supervision.


First, the rehab would have to be ordered by her doctor, so start by asking him what he would recommend.
There are now-a-days a lot of rehab centers available. To choose the best worthy of your pay is a difficult task at hand. After a lot of research I came across this canada rehab reviews, which has housed the reviews from different sources and is very helpful for those looking for such a service. My friend was taken for such a rehab program by his parents after he turned an addict to drugs.
Rehab has to be ordered by a doctor, as Pam said. It would be paid for by Medicare (20 days) if it followed a hospitalization of at least three days and nights. Perhaps what you mean is an Assisted Living Facility? Or a nursing home? I would urge you to read up on this site (the Senior Living tab at the top) so that you understand what kind of services each of these places provides and what the true costs are--ALs may have a low base price, but they offer a la carte services (assistance with getting to the dining room, bathing, medication management, for an extra fee, which can add up). I know from experience that you really need to understand what you're signing up for. We had mom go to an assisted living facility when that really was NOT what she needed. She lived happily in Independent Living for 18 months until she had a stroke. Now she's at a NH. It's a learning curve! Good luck.

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