Good ole tv remote controls.

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Last year I found my aunt's remote control in her refrigerator at the AL. I asked why? She threw it on the bed, and said" They told me not to touch it, it's loaded...."

I still say the less buttons the better for us ole folks.


I agree 100% about the TV remote controls.... I still have a very old remote that my Dad made back in the 1950's, of course, it no longer works but it was sooooo easy.... on/off.... volume up/down.... change channels. He even had on the remote turn light on/off for the lamp next to the sofa :)
most tv 's require two remotes now . one for tv , one for cable box . i printed on aunt ednas with a sharpie . one says " on / volume " , the other says " channel " . marked at the appropriate buttons . it worked for her . the poor girl could use them for the first time ever .. my next step would have been surgically removing all but the necessary buttons . i AM that f - in crazy ..
We got mom the simplest phone possible for the ALF. She is still calling wrong numbers and can't hear people talk. Got a simple TV too, no cable, simple remote and she can't figure it out, she says she needs cable. On the other hand we found her a 1949 replica Big Ben clock and she is totally good with that. She must be in a time warp.
We got a letter from the cable company this week. They are going to be doing some changes that include eliminating some stations and assigning new channels to others. Oy!! It is easy to tell that none of them taking care of parents with dementia. I have my fingers crossed that her favorite channels don't change.
Just simple cable with basic stations......Maybe books on tape is the answer.. Transistor radio.

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