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tonight on mailonline ( brit paper ) . an article about a woman slowly losing her husband to vascular dementia. appropriately her final thoughts were for more support for family caregivers. In my own experience a normal mind is nearly broken in the process of caring for an unsound mind. in the phsyc business when a person enters a stress unit for mental discrepancies its common knowlege to try to locate the spouse or carer because somewhere there is someone as equally bent. in the case of mental illness in a spouse its advised by many different medical and government journals to divorce the mentally ill spouse lest you lose your own sanity. you aint gonna rationalize with them, thats the only thing that IS guaranteed.


Captain, maybe you should stop reading Brit papers!!! :P
the brits are head bashing nuts, germans , straight speaking. if i had to rely only on american journalism id be a brainwashed materialist. aljazeera american edition is also one helluva a good newspaper. they , mailonline, and der spiegal do in depth reporting . something lacking in usa newspapers.
bite ass cnn..
Captain, we all know the Brits hold their fork in the wrong hand and drive on the wrong side of the road. They still refer to us as "the colonies". How on earth can you tell if one of them is sane or not?
Hahaha pstegman! I tweet with quite a few and they are soooo polite so, yes, CRAZY!!!
the suckers will get drunked up and bust your head.
weve lost a lot here in the usa to political correctness. i can remember when it was our god given right to hurtle down country roads with a 5th of booze on saturday nights, slam our sh*t into a tree AND fly thru our dam windshields if we chose. and the gd sardines didnt glow in the dark..

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