When you vent... do you need a good come back answer?

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Wish you had a snappy come back whenever you are chatting about being a caregiver with someone who never was in that position? It is amazing the things some people will say. I know they mean well.

Example, I am the "driver" for my parents, have been for a number of years. I still am employed, so I need to take time off from work or reschedule my work day, which at times can become difficult and tiresome for me, plus I am no spring chicken, I am a senior citizen, too.

When I vent to someone outside the family about this, the usually remark said back to me will be "well, your parents drove you around when you were a child". That remark use to irritate me to no end....

I finally found a good reply back for that, "yes, but my mother and dad weren't in senior citizens when I was a child". That becomes an ah ha moment.

I was wondering if anyone here has some really good snappy remarks for things that are said. Let's share them.


The problem is I post something intended as humor, but the reader self-imposes the inflection as an insult. Sarcasm definitely needs a font.
pstigman, I've run into that on a regular newspaper forum when debating issues. I found by using a smiley face at the end of my posting, the readers are more apt to realize it was humor or sarcasm :)
My best comeback moment was when my mother was complaining about how we kids are not close. She said that she and her siblings had always been close. I said, "Yeah, but you had different parents." ...Went right past her.
Used a new one today. My mother is always competing with me. She has something she says all the time. She said it again today. "At your age I was walking and still working."

"At my age, you weren't taking care of your mother and father." Bingo. It registered.
Um, JessieBelle, at your age you are walking and working, aren't you? I'm impressed that you can keep it together in the face of your mother's total illogic.
That wouldn't work with her. She thinks working on the computer isn't a real job. (The way that business has been this year I am starting to think the same.)

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