Going to corner his sons for respite for my sanity.

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His sons do not offer any help for me. If the situation had been reversed I'm sure I would have been put in NH so their dad could go on with his life. Meanwhile I do everything! I am very resentful and burnt out ! I am going to corner the 2 that live the closest for 2 weekends per month for respite... I am in dire need of a good peaceful sleep and peace of mind. I deserve it. Eight years is long enough. If they say no my husband who has a lot of his facilities, but hearing and speech problems, may be placed in NH against his will, as my health and mental status is speeding down hill. I will let you know how they react, I have a good idea though as to how this will go down.

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Savannah, good luck with that. After eight years sons are probably completely oblivious that there is even a problem and that you need help and time off. What about getting an agency caregiver in at least one day a week if sons will not cooperate. Do not misunderstand me, you deserve a couple weekends a month. Is there another way if sons will not agree? Have you thought about a day program. Often it is very difficult to get our loved ones to agree to go, but once they adjust to it, they often end up enjoying being with other people and doing some different activities.

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