Going crazy taking care of husband.

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He had stroke. Now cough. I have to drive to doctor and find parking space I can get in and out of. He can t drive. Afraid of cough cause of stroke and lungs of stroke person. Non stop stress for a month now. He doesn't need p professional caregiver. It's just I have to help him with things constantly. Make mea l s everyday that he can eat. Nervice each day before I have to. drive. him to doctor appointments.


Maybe the type of "caregiver" you need is just someone to help with little things like cooking and driving. This would take the stress off of you. You need to stay healthy and getting some help will relieve some stress.
I would love to get someone else to drive. I haven't had time to look into it yet.
Sometime soon I hope.
Hudnuff, the sooner the better to find someone to drive or you might wind up like I did... unable to drive at all. My primary doctor found a med that I could take that helps with the white knuckling of driving... oh how I wished I would have taken that med seven years ago. Now I feel like I am trying to learn to drive all over again :P
Hadnuff, maybe ask around at church, I hope you are able to get some help.
You have to take care of your self first. in order for you to help him. See know matter how you do thing for him. He will feel that stress when you go to him.

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