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Every once in a while, right now being one of those times, every Avatar I see is mine. Sometimes it's only one other user...more often it's all of them in the Questions area of the site.

If you have this happen to you occasionally, post up quick so the moderators know it's for real if no one else posts up, I'm going to think I'm in the Twilight Zone.


And now, five minutes later, all the Avatars are gone in the Questions section.
Hmmm, how does that twilight zone sound track go? lol
I haven't had that problem (yet?) but I can't delete old PMs, for some strange reason.

If I do get similar avatars, I'll PM the Admins.
Just wondered Maggie - you're using an iPad, right? I have WIN 8.1 with IE 11; could be a software interaction with the Apple software and the site software. I think most of the browsers do have their own unique peculiarities.
GA, I'll bet you're right...especially since no one else appears to be experiencing it. Thank you!

@CW, I forgot! Ha!
The problem I am seeing is that when I put my screen name on the "search site", up pops the postings I have done, but when I click on those postings, it says I can't see them. Had similar problem yesterday but only on certain postings.

Must be a full moon or moth in the system :)
I don't have those problems, but I do seem to frequently lose my entire post, before I have finished with it. It's so annoying. I only have that problem here.
Thank you all for responding.

Freq, you taught me something I never knew. I always wondered how people knew what other posters had written in the past. I kept looking at their profiles. Thanks for letting me know about the search user name feature. Mine's working.

Sounds like at least a few of us have little quirks.
Maggie, this entire life of caregiving IS the twilight zone, haven't you heard? Why should our website be any different?
No, really, you're okay. Just look up how to medicate technical delusions, take only one capsule, call us back in the morning. By the way, I would never admit to seeing what you are seeing. But I will ask my techie husband if that's possible, just to reassure you. What happened to the thread you started, titled: Something is wrong with the site?
Sendme2help, the website teckies who work on this website, once in a while will change an original poster's title. I've seen some very confusing titles that get changed around to make more sense, thus more answers are posted.

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