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Today I am not here to cry in frustration, or vent, or ask desperate questions - which I have done previously and am so grateful to the people who visit this forum. I just wanted to share a little slice of life that I witnessed after visiting my mother at her nursing home. Several family members were there visiting with her, actually there were four generations. As we all were leaving, a church youth group came in to sing so I rolled my mother next to a lady, Miss Angie, that she always eats meals with who also had some family visiting. As I left, my mother and I blew each other a kiss and I turned back once more to see Angie patting my mother’s arm and caressing her cheek while my mother smiled. She was so happy to have my mother sit next to her! We took care of my parents for many, many years, and we are still getting used to her being in a nursing home. I just wanted to share this sweet moment. I have often been encouraged on this site by members sharing sweet times with their LOs. Even if they are few and far between!


Thank you for sharing that!
Aw, that was a sweet moment! Glad you caught it and described it to us to enjoy in turn.
Thanks for sharing :)
Thank you for sharing.. my mom's still at home.. health is declining with each passing year.. the posts from others is helping to make the transition a bit easier.
So nice your mom has a friend

There are many in facilities who are lonely and don't have loved ones to visit them and brief interaction with staff isn't really the same as someone who knows you
What a nice and reassuring moment for you to see! Thanks for sharing
What a beautiful sight,so heartwarming...Thank you~
How lovely - thanks for sharing!!
Yes, what a lovely story - thanks for sharing!
So happy for you... I can imagine that was such a breath of fresh air to your soul:)

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