Glaucoma & Diabetic.


Glaucoma cause blindness . Each signs indicate different types of glaucoma. OCT test is used to analyze nerve fibers of eyes. Glaucoma and Diebetes can only be cured by experts.

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Glaucoma can lead to blindness left without proper treatment. The sad thing about this, however, is that roughly 10% of those suffering from this eye condition who have received proper treatment can still experience vision loss.

Glaucoma is such a frustrating disease. I had Angle-closure glaucoma. I was suffering from blurred vision and severe eye pain which are the initial symptoms of this disease. I had the experience of seeing a rainbow colored rings in bright light. I was worried about my eyesight and consult an eye specialist. He diagnosed my disease after a detailed check up and recommended regularly scheduled examination once a month and suggested to use medicated eye drops. And later, after 3 months of regular examinations, I had a corrective laser eye surgery in Oakville. Now my vision is better, but still using eye drops as per the prescription.

Glaucoma is caused due to pressure buildup in eyes, this in turn doesn’t drain fluid inside the eyes properly. This pressure, damages the nerves and vessels in eyes and result in vision changes. An apt laser eye surgery like the one at Evergreen Eye Center in Washington is the best to opt for in such cases.