Strange or ghostly sightings of a passed love one.

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I realize sometimes we will see something that could either be a coincidence or something very real. A few months after my Mom had passed, I was in my bed in my own house watching TV late at night.... my gosh, there was my Mom leaving the bedroom, disappearing through the door. This was just a split second. She was wearing her bathrobe. I didn't see her face, but I knew it was her. So strange as I wasn't even thinking about her.


I've heard enough stories like this, Ff, to know better than to doubt them.
My dad died when I was a teen - on the first anniversary of his death my mom was out of town with her siblings - at night I heard footsteps from the living room down the hallway and felt his presence stand in my doorway as parents do to check on their kids in bed
FF, I have heard of these things happening. I have not been visited myself yet. Mom is probably too busy enjoying where she is. I do wonder if this will ever happen. If it does you all will be the first to know.
I had a vision of my Father several months after he died 45 years ago. I got weak and faint feeling. Laid down in bed. Saw him clearly in a floating lighted oval shape in his den in front of the built in desk that was previously my brothers bedroom. (My brother had got married and moved out of the house after college) Father was holding papers in his hands. He said it was his will. He told me to go read it and take it to Mother. Then the vision disappeared. Men were courting Mother and he wanted mother to know what would happened if she remarried per his will. He had a purpose and the outcome was what I thought he meant to have happen. I wasn't the one who brought the end result around to its outcome. But I believe he contacted me to have the end result brought about.
I'll be the sceptic then!

FF, I think you were thinking about her. I think your thoughts are exactly what you saw. It came as a jolt because you weren't aware that you were thinking about her, but she's such a constant presence in your mind that you don't need to be.

Which I think is a comfort, that our loved ones are that deeply embedded in us.

I still expect to hear my Dad when I pick up the phone, on occasion.
I'm not a skeptic per se but I do feel strongly that seeking out visits from our departed loved ones goes against the teachings of the Bible. My Hubs knows how much I miss my Mom and has suggested that we go visit a medium. While I truly believe that there are people who can communicate with the departed I think that those who are profiting from it are evil and could maybe tell you something but the source would not be a godly one.

One night shortly after Hubs and I had been having these types of conversations I had a dream about my Mom. She was laying next to me in bed. I had been praying a lot "God, let me have one last hug from my Mom" In my dream, my Mom said to me "Stop praying for one last may get it but it would not be me. Not everyone who has passed is nice" I took that as confirmation of what I already believe.

I hope to see her in heaven again one day. I will just have to be patient for that.
In agreement.
Love from,
My Irish Catholic superstitious grand ma believed in leprechauns and banshee's. Think I spelled that correctly. I grew up with her. She definitely believed in " visits ". My mom and I lived in the same house when her dad died. We had a cat. We went to bed early as the funeral was the next morning. I'm in my room , the cat is on my bed, my moms in her room. The cat wakes up and starts hissing at the wall. I see my grand pap in a suit floating up the wall. I saw the back of him. I was 20. I run into my moms room. She said , I just saw my dad floating up the wall and their was tear flowing down his cheek. I believe this is real.
my dad and i had an agreement he would visit me after he passed. He never did-.
I have been wondering if it is because of the trauma I experienced and that I no longer believe, so i wont see.
I had written this about 2 weeks ago on the "Caregiver's Cats Behaving Badly" about a strange incident.....

While my cat Katie was housed in the Animal ER, I noticed at home a certain unusual odor over by where I have my late Dad's bookcase filled with some of his books and knick knacks. My sig other and our male cat didn't notice the odor, but the other female cat did,... she even stood up to look into the bookcase. And would eye the bookcase every time she went by. This went on and off for two days. I know this sounds weird, I was wondering if my late Dad [who passed in Sept] was trying to tell me that it's ok, he will take care of Katie when and if she joins him.

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